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Game crashes right before rape

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My Loverslab FOMM list in order - FalloutNV.esm DeadMoney.esm HonestHearts.esm OldworldBlues.esm LonesomeRoad.esm GunRunnersArsenal.esm ClassicPack.esm MercenaryPack.esm TribalPack.esm CaravanPack.esm More Perks.esm More perks for Companions.esm More Trails.esm Weapons.of.the.new.Millenia.esm REZbajaislandHome.esp Project Nevada -Core.esm Project Nevada - equipment.esm Project Rebalance.esp Project Nevada - cyberware.esp Sexout.esm Sexoutcommonresources.esm sexoutslavery.esm sexoutpregnancyv3.esm sexoutoffspring.esm

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i found out what the problem was with the sex thing i think i just need to deactivat project nevada cyberwear and the other thing but my NPCs still have an exclamation point  over them and they have no face and with they have sex with me there body is gone and my charaecter is just giving head to air

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You are seriously missing a lot of textures and meshes, if you have those issues.


Did you install all the required 'data' files? Did you install NVSE Extended (NX)?

Did you completely follow these guides ?

For Sexout https://www.loverslab.com/topic/16277-sexoutng-framework-installation-guide-for-beginners/

For Sexout Common Resources https://www.loverslab.com/topic/22156-tutorial-scr-resources-folder-creation/ 



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