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Hello Loverslab readers! I've been here a long time, mostly as a lurker, though I have worked on a few different modifications for a number of games, from Skyrim to Minecraft. Recently, my fiance had started to use Wicked Whims for her game. It looked interesting so I looked over it, but couldn't help but feel that in comparison to something like SexLab Framework from Skyrim, it seemed very tightly bound in code and not as accessible, thus leading me to make this topic.


What I am wondering about is, in your opinion, would any of you be interested in a new addition to the Lab's mods, and if so would it be something that people would support via Patreon once it ran smoothly and with a good number of key features. I recently have had a number of health issues that leave me at the house, so with a lot of time on my hands, and thus, a large amount of that to devote to making this idea become a concrete reality.


I have a whitepaper done with some of the features I am planning on, but am somewhat hesitant to release them until I know that there may be an audience. I can say the following small bit of it though. -


  • Would support custom animations and rigging.
  • Would provide support for additional modules, such as for animals and the like.
  • Would provide multiple new Career paths, as I don't see it being just a "Sex" mod, and more of an Adult-ification and realism mod.
  • Would provide new stats to grow and expand upon.
  • Possibility to be "Hooked" into. Similar to that of SexLab's ability to act as a mod, and a modder's tool.
  • Ability to import not only custom animations, but voice files as well.
  • Making some textures more "High Res" and more defined.
  • Having new moodlets, goals, purchasable buffs (such as the "Cum Slut") ability from Wicked Whims.


These are just the primary things I wanted to relay in the first post, and I know that due to my terrible post count, some may see this as nothing more than just a rando looking to pitch for no reason. Even with that being said, please give me an honest answer as to whether you think this would be something the community would want and the like. If it does seem to get a lot of positive attention, I'll put out an official WhitePaper, as well as a Patreon with a flowchart and plan on the front page for anyone to view, not just a backer attractant. Thanks for taking the time to read this thread, regardless of your thoughts on it, and I hope you have a great day.



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Hello Psi.

For sure a "sex framework" for Sims4 will be really welcome on this site.

And for sure you may get some patrons to support you.


My small advice is to give yourself realistic objectives (I don't mod Sims, so here are just generic examples: can you really read custom voice files? Can you have mod interoperability through scripts?)

And probably ask for patrons only after you have a concrete plan. Patreon is not really good if you use as kickstarter.

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Thanks CPU! In regards to the things you brought up -


1. It shouldn’t prove to be extremely difficult to implant custom voices. I’m not positive at the moment, but to me that seems to be the smaller barrier. 


2. Mod hooking is the one thing I want to make happen, but am not sure if it will actually come to pass. I know that the work for that feature alone will be absolute hell. 


3. As for the patreon, I was thinking that. I just thought that having it as a landing page for the blueprint would be easier than a forum page. Maybe I’ll just stick with the forum for my blueprint area until there is something concrete though. 


Thanks a ton for the questions and response. 

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I'm still quite a noob to all of this so I don't really understand a lot of the technical terms but the features I can understand sound pretty cool and I wish you luck!

Would it be possible to post some links to some of your other works? 

You've clearly got some experience and skills, would be cool if we could have a look at what you've pulled off with those games!


All the best and I hope it goes well :blush:

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I would definitely support a more modular framework, and I'm sure when people start making modules, you'll start getting more patrons because anyone who likes a connected mod may want the latest stable version of the framework. If it's modular, it's more likely to get popular.

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Thank you R-Lo, and I am sure you are more familiar with sims mods than I am at this point.


As for my past work with Skyrim, it was very minimal and consisted of trying to assist with the Skyrim Online git and bugtesting some of the functionality within the skyrim together stuff, as well as offering some changes and fixes to a lot of the mods I used, to clean up dirty edits and the like.


Minecraft is a different beast all-together though, and from what I can understand, it will be a bit closer to what I will have to deal with in the sims. I helped out with a number of larger projects a couple years back, such as Extrabiomes XL and IC2. Most of my understanding was from coding custom plugins and mod interaction tools for a server that I helped to run, though it went down as it wasn't as widely used as Wynncraft and was in the same sector.

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Thank you Cindi! I will not lie though, that one feature will be the hardest part of this and I am quite certain of that. Making a more modular framework is easier in something like Java, but I am worried about doing it via the sims. I haven't gotten to dig in to deep, but the little bit I've seen have me thinking it will be the more difficult part of the mod.

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