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Tribal Body Tattoos

Customizable tribal body tattoo set for CBBE female bodies applied with LooksMenu overlays.  This is a tattoo overlay mod for LooksMenu.  The set includes 25 different options allowing you to mix and match.  Currently, the tattoos are featured in black only, as LooksMenu doesn't yet support color swap body overlays.  You can also add these tattoos to any female NPC through LooksMenu too!

*Female only*



  • Works with any CBBE texture set (does not change body textures, overlays only)
  • Works with any clothing/outfit/armor mods
  • Works with Unique Player
  • Works with all female characters



Install NMM/MO2:

  1. First Install LooksMenu and it's requirements (F4SE)
  2. Download through with Nexus Mod Manager
  3. Install as normal
  4. Ensure LMTOTribalOverlays.esp is active
  5. Start your game and enjoy!


To use:

  1. Open LooksMenu (console: slm 14)
  2. Edit Body
  3. Access Overlays
  4. R (or click) to Add
  5. Tattoos are labeled by body part and side of body (if applicable) - see below for complete list of available options



Tattoo options:

  • Arm Both
  • Arm Left
  • Arm Right
  • Back Full
  • Back Spine
  • Back Stamp
  • Back Blades
  • Back Blades Left
  • Back Blades Right
  • Feet Both
  • Feet Left
  • Feet Right
  • Belly Button
  • Chest Full
  • Chest Left
  • Chest Right
  • Pelvis
  • Torso Full
  • Full Body (shown in screenshots)
  • Leg Both
  • Leg Left
  • Leg Right
  • Hand Both (shown in screenshots)
  • Hand Left
  • Hand Right


Screenshot info:


Special thanks to JohnnyRed for allowing me to port the texture from the Skyrim mod,  expired6978 for LooksMenu and krisser143 for the guide on creating this.

LooksMenu Tribal Body Tattoos CBBE.7z


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  • 3 months later...

I have to use overlays now because FSM body textures messed up my game and I don’t feel like doing another complete uninstall/reinstall ( long story, tried many remedies none worked), so was wondering if you were adding anymore tats to your mod or making a new on.


This is the tat mod I used to use:



I know color right now won’t show up and that sucks, but the tats that come with looksmenu are too faint.  I installed this mod of yours and the tats are really dark ????.



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I actually have another one on Nexus, and this mod has a more updated version there:


Tribal Bodies - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/29438

Dragon Body Tattoos - https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/29780


think I have figured out how to do colors with palette colors (similarly to how combat armor is recoloured) but I have not, as yet, tested this out.  I suspect that each piece of the tattoo could be a different color, but this needs to be tested for applicability.  Note that this would substantially add to the options in the LooksMenu dialogue as there would not be a slider option to change colors that way, until Expired includes this in LooksMenu.



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