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Tribal Body Tattoos - UNP/UNPB/UNPC/7B & CBBE v0.65

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About This File



Using the excellent additions made by Expired6978's RaceMenu mod, this plugin adds a new overlay tattoo set consisting of: 1 body paint, 1 hands paint, and 1 feet paint. They're of tribal design (or at least I think they are). Currently, these tattoos are female only, but I might change that if enough people request it.




  • A UNP-compatible body such as UNPB, UNPC, TopModel body, Dream Girl, 7Base and all of its derivatives.
  • RaceMenu v2.5.1 or better (and all of its requirements, check Nexus page for details)
  • A mouse & keyboard.

Installation & Usage


Extract the packaged files and copy-paste/drag n' drop them into your Skyrim data folder. Make sure you also check on the appropriate .esp file if you're not installing it via Wrye Bash or any other mod organizer. To apply the tattoos themselves, look for the ones named "[body part here] Tribal Tattoos [Design # here]" and color them via sliders. To upgrade version, simply extract new files over the old ones.


CBBE users: Download the CBBE textures and extract over the UNP ones.


Other Stuff


Feel free to leave feedback, I like hearing everyone's opinion. If something doesn't work or is broken, please leave a comment and I will get on it as soon as I can. Have a request or a burning question you must ask? Leave those as well and I will try to answer them as best I can. Also, the warpaint is not included in the set, that's from another mod. I will also be adding more sets and variations of each set periodically.




post-15447-0-54564100-1379719442_thumb.jpg post-15447-0-82967100-1379719445_thumb.jpg post-15447-0-94421000-1379719448_thumb.jpg post-15447-0-17398300-1379719452_thumb.jpg post-15447-0-34304000-1379719455_thumb.jpgpost-15447-0-41363200-1379910913_thumb.jpg post-15447-0-31246600-1379910916_thumb.jpg post-15447-0-09023300-1379910919_thumb.jpg



What's New in Version v0.65


  • - Added support for RaceMenu's new face overlay feature. Glowing face tattoos are now possible! (see new pics)
  • - Fixed a long-standing issue with the hands tattoos being shifted upward on the Y-axis.
  • - Did I mention you can have glowing face tattoos now? ;)

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