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SSE UNP vs CBBE Content


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Hello. With the release of SSE Sexlab, i am starting up with sse mod collection and wanted to inquire - what is current state of conversions for two bodies? Which has the most content ATM? The guide above recommends UNP, but i see much more CBBE content in download section.

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CBBE in SSE is supposedly a different beast than the one in old Skyrim. From what I heard CBBE Bodyslide for SSE pretty much means you can build just about any body. If you are going by Oldrim then I would recommend UUNP since (vertex count?) I like it since it looks nicer and will likely continue using UUNP until/if SKSE for Special Edition is released. 

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If you really want UUNP, go the Oldrim page of Bodylslide and install the files from the "02 UUNP" folder into the SSE Bodyslide.


And because CBBE has an official release, not just a port (like the UNP(B) files), it will probably get more content in the future.


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UNP/UUNP are dead. They aren't being developed anymore. CBBE is the better and more versatile body, is currently still being developed and supported, and actually has a future. Just look at Fallout 4 to see where CBBESE is heading. Modders should be developing for CBBE and converting their outfits to CBBE.

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Im constantly porting stuff for CBBE and so are other people. 


CBBE SE has more vertex count as it was actually improved for Skyrim SE as opposed to just optimizing the nif and calling it a day, which is what the UNP body is at the moment. UNP has more content right now but that's only because it was uploaded and made available first.


Check this thread out. 


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