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  1. If you only have one schlong for females, it will always be chosen. You need a invisible female schlong that can be assigned. For example SOS Female Schlongifier (No Schlong Addon). If you have 3 schlongs at 5%, 10% and 15% the total is 30%. Correcting the total to 100% makes actual chances ~16.6%, 33.3% and 50%. This is done so because otherwise you would have a chance to have males without schlongs, since the default is always 10%.
  2. As its packed in BA2, extract the texures and edit them. Either pack it with the new textures or load them as loose files.
  3. Thats still in the MCM, the "SOSRaceMenu.esp" only disables the scaling/size inside MCM and enables the Sliders for fine control in RaceMenu. At leasts thats how it should be, if you cannot change player or targeted NPC schlongs something is broken. Edit: Is the CHANGE dropdown greyed out as well?
  4. Wrong section, this is for posting downloads, not requests. GO HERE Use the search bar to find mods or topics that lists lots of adult mods I mean just searching "rape" I find others asking the same question and getting answers NYPA, at least try to mod it yourself instead of barging in and just demanding
  5. To explain a bit more: Nexus had games as a subdomain like skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/3863 but when they aded more games they changed to the easier to manage and search nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3863 Old links are sadly broken, you have to search the mods manually or use a plugin to redirect to the new URL. Will not work if the mod has been deleted or changed ID of course. Use ViolentMonkey or any other plugin that can run user-scripts: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/10817-redirect-old-oblivion-skyrim-nexus-mods-and-tesnexus-links
  6. SOS Sliders are an install option from XPMSSE, not SOS itself.
  7. Actual relevance of forms 43/44? This reddit post has a good answer from mator.
  8. Editing is not hard, Stalker shows how to it as well. Plus there lots of tutorials for Body Slide. You want this for your game, just like Stalker. He did it himself, so please at least try it as well.
  9. You installed the Debug Mode from AAF. It is an option during install. Remove these two files: AAF_debug_on.esp AAF/AAF_debug_on.ini
  10. Interesting that it breaks the mod, but might be an issue of Skyrim VR. (Do not want to know what weird hacks they used to make that game...) I have never done this myself, but seems to be what you need. I would use the Nexus download, sourceforge is not as safe. This person had some success using that tool and provided a tutorial.
  11. Pretty sure it cannot be a hard requirement, as it is a DLL. You won't be able to read the subtitles because they will only show for a split second, but the mods should be still playable. Especially if you know them from LE/SE playthroughs and do not care about dialogue. Or manually patch all mods to have 5s silent voice files. (This was done before Fuz existed)
  12. Something like this Visual Transfer zEdit patcher? Kinda works in the reverse, copying the winning plugin that edits the NPC and patches in the appearance info from a defined mod. Probably best to combine it with Bashed, Mashed or Manual Patches that fix other data between mods (ex AI Overhaul and Immersive Armors).
  13. PapyrusUtil.dll from SexLab can also be safely overwritten with the latest Papyrus Util from Nexus. (SexLab only updates the included version when SexLab itselfs gets updated) for HTD SMP I suggest the following: - keep the XML configs - remove DLL included in BadDog Hoodies (it is for LE) - remove Chinese DLLs - install aers fork, it includes stability and performance updates (framework and physics are combined into one file) If you use HDT HighHeels, only download the HH file from here and use aers DLL as it has the framework included. Or
  14. You can create a directory and drag+drop files and folders, then select that as DATA and install The long way would be to select the DATA folder 16 times and merge the files each time.
  15. Do not overwrite the skeleton from XPMSSE! The one included in SOS is old. SexLab Tools has a SE version. Thats what I use to get a list.
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