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DEPRECATED, use this: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5253-magnocumgaudio_beta099rar/

but wait for me finishing the description...















Personal Presentation

Hello fellow players,

I am new to the modding scene and I am lacking the skills to make mods refined and complex like the ones i saw for New Vegas and for Skyrim...they were true masterpieces. Unfortunately it can't be said the same for Fallout 4...The lack of modders, the lack of a constant upgrade of the current framework has left very few to admire. I passed the last months personalizing my skyrim and playing starcraft... I never finished fallout 4 because i was demoralized for the status of the modding scene compared to skyrim and New Vegas ( i am not talking of Loverslab modding scene in specific, but i am talking about the whole modding scene (nexusmods etc) . A week before Xmas I searched Loverslab for news on developments...I was hoping nothing, but then I found this mod: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/4698-rse-reproductive-system-effects/  by the brave and industrious Flashy (JoeR) and a tiny flash of hope for fallout 4 grew in my mind. Now I don't like some aspects of that mod because I want a mod that is simple and that intgrates well with the vanilla gameplay, I don't want something too grinding or too realistic, this is a game after all, and I don't mind if my mod seems a little gamey! Nonetheless Flashy's mod is truly genious so I decided to create my mod for that specific aspects I don't like. Unfortunately I did not integrate my mod with his, so some setting must be manually set in Flashy's mod if you want to use them together because mine lacks any form of customization.



  • A Respawn System (alpha) for more difficulty and "immersion".
  • A Lust System (only for the player and very alpha) inspired by New Vegas Sexout.
  • A Disease System (Very alpha and not much original) with every sexual act


Keep in mind that this is the first release, and I have very little spare time for modding...so I will improve this only when I have time. I tested the mod, which is very simple at the moment and it seems that everything works fine, not that there is much to work.





Lust System:

The Lust system give the player a perk, Lust Adder and a new Actor Value, LUST. Lust is a value that ranges from 0 to 100, and it increases everytime you sleep. Approximately 1 hour of sleep = 2 point of Lust Added. Initially I would have make a timer to increase the value but then I thought that everyone need to sleep and I don't know I think a timer is less performance friendly ( Yeah the reality is that I am a noob in modding ;) ). Everytime your player is involved in a sex act the LUST resets to 0. Now there are 5 levels of Lust with 5 different Buffs and Debuffs. Since I am a noob in modding (did I already told you that?) I din't find a way to display the buffs in the current effects tab, so to see the current debuffs and buffs you can check the Perks tab that tells you the modifiers for every magic effect:

  • Euphoric ( Lust< 20) : Charisma +1;
  • Satisfied ( 20<= Lust < 40): no bonus, no malus;
  • Distracted (40<= Lust < 70 ): Perception -1, Intelligence -1;
  • Aroused (70<= Lust< 100): Perception -2, Intelligence -2;
  • In Need of Sex (Lust = 100): Perception -4, Intelligence -4;


You can check your current Lust Level by holding down and realeasing the R-CTRL button (scan code 163), The Lust Level is resetted to 0 every time you have a sexual intercourse (including masturbation if you have sex em up, at the moment i am not able to differentiate the sexual acts);


Disease System:

This mod uses the Condoms by Family planning enhanced (https://www.loverslab.com/topic/87051-family-planning-enhanced/)  for protection against diseases. Everytime you have partecipate in any sex act there is a check if you wear the condom. If you wear the condom nothing happens more than the normal handling of the lust system. If you are not wearing any condoms, there is a chance of getting a disease:

  • Infection 1/85 chance;
  • Weakness 2/85 chance;
  • Fatigue 3/85 chance;
  • Insomnia 3/85 chance;
  • Lethargy 4/85 chance;
  • Parasites 4/85 chance

For a total of 17/85 chance of getting a disease or 1/5 of getting a disease with non protected sex. To make things more interessant and gamey i made so that if you have unprotected sex and you do not catch a disease you earn 20 XP.


Respawn System:

This mod makes the player essential by modifing the player record and the stimpack effects that restore companion radiation and health (so that works only on protected and not essential), so this can cause major conflicts with mods that edit the same records. Everytime you died (for any reason, such radiations, projectiles, etc) you enter the bleedout status and then when you wake up you are teleported near the "mysterious stranger case file" that i am using as a teleport marking. Whenever you sit and wait for a minimum of 1 hour the case file is teleported to your current location, so you can move the "spawn point". Do not pick up the case file, in case you do that simply drop on the ground so that you can be teleported there when you die.

  • When you die after teleporting you loose forever all of your caps, weapons and armors (but not normal clothings), chems, stimpacks, foods and water (not nukacolas). Before doing anything you should wait for the message that let you know you were saved.


Hope you enjoy, let me know of potential bugs, i cannot guarantee that i can fix them but i could try! Everything seems working to me for now! Remember this is an alpha release and i am a beginner in modding!




  • When you die in a power armor you are teleported naked with a strange body shape, that is because you are still inside the power armor frame, simply hold the key to exit the power armor as normal, this is because you do not loose the power armor frame.
  • When you die sometimes you are locked in the stealth mode or camera is blocked. Simply jump and/or go to third person and then back to first person to reset the camera, it should fix itself.



  • 15/01/2018 Initial Release


Fallout4 15_01_2018 19_03_39.jpeg

Fallout4 15_01_2018 19_04_03.png

Fallout4 15_01_2018 19_04_08.png

Fallout4 15_01_2018 19_04_21.png

Fallout4 15_01_2018 19_04_40.png

Fallout4 15_01_2018 19_04_52.png

Fallout4 15_01_2018 19_05_07.png

Fallout4 15_01_2018 19_05_09.png

Fallout4 15_01_2018 19_05_49.png

Fallout4 15_01_2018 19_08_25.png

Fallout4 15_01_2018 19_08_37.png

Fallout4 15_01_2018 19_09_58.png

Fallout4 15_01_2018 19_10_11.png

Fallout4 15_01_2018 19_10_16.png

Fallout4 15_01_2018 19_10_33.png

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    Four Play and community patch; Family Planning Enhanced


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