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Requiem v4.0.2 for SSE (incl. AE) Conversion Guide for Mod Organizer

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Love the guide, it is because of this that I have finally switched and started to build a skyrim sse modlist.


I am however having a problem with the 'Requiem for the Indifferent.esp'. It seems to erase the names of ammunition, armor, actors and weapons. It only does this when there is no mod overwriting the forms from the original 'Skyrim.esm, Dawnguard.esm, Dragonborn.esm'. For example because I don't have any other esm/esp editing '00013989 SteelSword', the 'Requiem for the Indifferent.esp' clears the item name in its 'FULL - Name'. If I do have another esm/esp editing a form the name is carried over like it should.


I had a look at creating a ssedit script  to copy the 'FULL - Name' over from the original esm's, but it is beyond me. I am hoping someone might be able to make a script like the 'WEAP CRDT Effect Fix' script featured in this guide.

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there's a script already that does that, called Automation Tools for TES5Edit  https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49373/


use the QuickChange script, and select Restore, then tyle NAME and the source esp


but yeah, i took a look at my game, i didn't see any missing ammo names, but there were a dozen or so missing weapon and npc names at least, must be why i noticed the jarls steward not having a name ingame, thanks for the headsup


but yeah, this needs a script too, will need to work something out

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Using the QuickChange script does work but it takes forever as it goes through every single requiem actor variation. And you would have to do it 3 more times for each DLC.


A quick cheat I did was 'copy as override' all the named ammunition, armor, actors and weapons in each official esm to a new esp which I then converted to esm. I put this below the official esm's and above everything else. The reqtificator will now copy the names from this new esm and there will be no blank 'FULL - Name' forms unless it was like that in the official esm's.

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that's a good idea for a fix, still i might still make the script, i've been researching it and it might be pretty simple todo, if i fail at least i have your idea :smile:


although now that i think of it, at least your idea will always work with reqtifier, whereas the script needs to be run every time you use skyproc


how did you convert the esp into esm? might test this out and write it into the guide (i should just google it, but i'll leave this line here if you want to answer)


edit2, or could you post your fixed esm to some upload website, might aswell just have it prepared


edit3, ok so i looked up converting esp to esm, i assume you just did it using the xedit file header method yes?


edit4, ok i made the esp and updated the guide, for those who can't find it in the wall of text here is the file you need: http://www.everplanet.tk/SkyrimSSE/Requiem_v1.9.4/RequiemNamesFix_v194.rar

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On 1/30/2018 at 1:43 PM, aristotle99 said:

Does this version fix the Double Perk Bug in SE?  I thought the Double Perk Bug was a major obstacle to porting Requiem to SE.

The Double Perk bug is still present in Skyrim SE. I read somewhere on reddit that to get around it you have to reload your save file twice. So when you die and you load your save, npcs will have duplicate perks. You must then load the save again and 9 times out of 10 they will have no duplicate perks. I haven't tested this, just read it somewhere on reddit. 


Edit: The fix in the the Bug Fixes mod which hasn't been ported to SE. (It is a skse plugin)

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esUdin, i haven't really tested it out yet using the Bug Fixes mod with SSE, it's quite possible it would work as i have a few other skse plugins in my loadorder that are from oldrim, will probably have time for it tomorrow, but for any1body else you can try it out now, here's a link to the mod >>> https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76747/


*edit*... ach... seems the plugin doesn't load according to posts about it on the mod page, bummer

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Wow. That's pretty freaking impressive. Lack of a requiem port was keeping me from SSE, but I guess this means I can hop on that wagon now!

I don't suppose there's a possibility that you'd explain what changes you made to the patcher to fix the problem with MO2? 

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only changes i made to the patcher is a file called SGlobal or something and i changed some of the lines from "Skyrim" to "Skyrim Special Edition"


btw, i checked out Requiem 2.0 and it doesn't work with SSE, game freezes when entering new scenes, don't know what's wrong, will probably just wait for official release

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That's a bummer. Still, the version we have working far outranks vanilla. 

I noticed your guide didn't mention resaving the esps in the CK to convert to SSE. I know it'd be a pain in the butt converting all of Requiem for the Indifferent's masters into esms to resave it, but do you think that might change anything? 

I'd try it myself, but I'm having trouble compiling the 2.0 patcher back into a jar.

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CK always crashed for me when i try to save the requiem files, game does seem to work without doing that step which many guides talk about, so i didn't do it


i didn't compile the entire program from source files i provided, i mearly took the compiled SGlobal file and placed it into the original jar achive with winrar

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Yeah, that actually made things a lot easier. Not really a programmer here, lol.

Anyway, I had the same problem. I'm able to load up the game and most things work fine, but I can't enter Helgen Keep in the starting sequence. It never goes to the load screen, my character just freezes right before entering. All the other actors are still functioning. It's sort of like the player controls were disabled, but trying to enable them again in the console doesn't do anything and I can't access any menus. I might try alternate start and see if other scenes have the same problem.

I was able to resave the main Requiem and Bugsmasher Edition esps in the CK, so those were converted. When I try to do the same with Requiem for the Indifferent, I get quite a few errors. Only like... 50,000 of them, lol. I think most of them were for something like null handles to pointers. I've read that the CK has a problem with object limitations - the solution seems to be to work with stripped down ESMs, leaving only the actual referenced entries. I might give that a shot, but it might just be better at this point to wait for the patcher to be redone so it can save in the new SSE esp format.

Update: tried alternate start, can't activate most doors. Requiem 2.0 also adds a script to some doors for lockpicking control?

Update 2: Opened up Requiem for the Indifferent in SSEEdit and deleted the block modifying doors. Doors work now, and I can get into Helgen keep. I ran through Rogvir's execution scene and didn't have any problems. Apparently 2.0's lockpicking scripts aren't functioning correctly. I might take a peek at the source tomorrow or something.

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ok cool, yeah i had tried Alternate Start to see if it was just Helgen Keep, but yeah it persisted everywhere, i could use "coc" command to escape the scene so game isn't totally frozen, it just whatever, same as you exerienced ... if you figure out howto fix it it could be maybe fixed with some sseedit script, but yeah i'd really like to just port the SKSE x86 plugins to x64 but i have problems loading all the dependencies in C++

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Well, apparently the actual script is functioning just fine. If I open the CK and attach the script to a door, creating a new plugin, it works just fine. I tested it with unlocked doors, doors locked that I had the expertise to pick, and doors beyond my lockpicking level, and they were all working correctly. The script acts as a block to the lockpicking minigame in the event that you don't have the required perks for it.

The reqtificator is doing something to corrupt the door records. It's actually doing the same thing to containers, so you won't be able to activate some chests, alchemist pouches, etc. I think you're right, it might be better to achieve the same effects automatically with an sseedit script.

As far as the SKSE plugins go... That's way over my head, to be honest. I only got the 2.0 jar converted with your help and a lot of googling. I found a noob guide for creating SKSE plugins, though, so maybe I'll try that later and see if I have the same issues. 

Update: Well. Today I learned xEdit scripting is confusing. I was able to find an xEdit script that lets me copy VMAD subrecords (which is the subrecord that holds the script.) I patched up a lot of my doors from vanilla skyrim + DLCs, but it was a lot of trouble, and there were a few conflicts.

I'm going to list what I did in the hopes that someone more knowledgeable has a solution. What I did is this:

1. Went to Skyrim.esm, highlighted the block with doors, selected Deep Copy as Override into... and chose new ESP. I named it Requiem - Reqtified Locks.esp. I did the same with Dawnguard and Dragonborn, except I selected the Requiem - Reqtified Locks.esp I just created. You can do this with your entire load order if you want, or any ESP / ESM with locked doors / containers.

2. I right clicked Reqtified Doors.esp and added Requiem.esp as a master.

3. I went to Requiem.esp and found the door with the editor ID REQ_SkyProc_Prototype_LockedDoor. This door has a VMAD subrecord with the script attached that I want to copy to other doors. I wrote down it's FormID.

3. I highlighted all the DOOR records in Reqtified Doors.esp, right clicked them, and hit Apply Script. Selected Skyrim - Copy VMAD Subrecord. It prompted me with a FormID to copy the VMAD subrecord of, so I inputed the FormID I wrote down in the previous step.

Now all of my doors have that script attached, but unfortunately, this overwrites already scripted doors. A comparison of the Dark Brotherhood black door, for example: 


This script overwrote the vanilla script. Anyway, all the records that conflicted like this were highlighted red in SSEEdit, so I just deleted them from the new ESP. The black door, in this case, doesn't need it anyway. It does also seem to conflict with some jail doors, though. 

I have no experience with Pascal, minor scripting experience in general, and the syntax of xEdit scripts are pretty confusing to me. I think I'm going to have to say this is as far as I go with contributions.

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so i'd like to maybe try to do some work on Requiem 2.0 for SSE today, mostly cuz for some reason i can't think of i can't use ENB anymore in LE, it worked before but now after a re-install it just craps out and slows my game to a crawl, ENB works fine in SSE though, plus i really wanna play Requiem 2.0


so from your work, i guess i should look at the lockpicking script and/or some similar data in SSEEdit hmmm....

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I can do without the script being attached to the doors and containers because I use a mod called lock overhaul which has an option to add a skill requirement anyway, as well as smashing locks and unlocking with magic. So I'll just delete the door and container records added by the indifferent.esp.


What I'd like to know is if you could edit the 2.0 patcher file and upload it?

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so i've been working on what should be a very simple script all day but just can't get it to work, it seems the Reqtifier is missing alot of the files the RequiemNamesFix is suppost to fix in 2.0, so i wanted to make a script that would take all the "FULL - Name" records that are missing and updating the Requiem for the Indifferent esp, but alas it is night time now and i need to sleep, plus getting kinda pissed off al this simple task that is taking forever

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On 3/17/2018 at 6:38 AM, ColossusX13 said:

@Raziara if i understand correctly you've converted Requiem 2.0? What additional / different steps did you have to take from the guide posted above for 1.9.4? Do you mind writing a guide yourself?


Also how has your gameplay been going? Ran into any issues? I'm considering installing 2.0.1 on SSE myself

Yeah, I've got it working for the most part. I've been playing with it since I posted, and there's a few issues, but nothing really noticeable. They're really very minor, and you wouldn't notice them if you didn't know to look. Except for lock bashing, maybe.

Apparently, because of the ESP changes from Legendary to Special edition, the reqtificator has a problem with a few form types. It's supposed to add a script to doors and containers preventing you ( as well as your followers) from entering the lockpicking minigame if you don't have enough expertise. Because the format isn't correct, it actually corrupts those forms. This is why Climbatz and I weren't able to activate any doors - their data was corrupted.  The solution to that was to delete those forms from the Requiem for the Indifferent esp. As a result, that script was never applied. I still couldn't pick locks with my character if I didn't have the right perks, so it didn't matter much to me. I think it also affects the lock bashing script, though. Just a fair warning.

There also seems to be an issue with weapon critical data. I imagine this will affect melee characters' damage output, but I play a mage, so I don't really know how noticeable the effect is. I only noticed the missing data when I took a peek in SSEEdit. There's a link here for anyone interested in the ESP format changes to SSE. VMAD are the script subrecords. 

Last, I can't convert the Requiem.DLL. I'm not sure entirely what it does, but I remember reading OgreBoss saying it was an anti-cheat plugin. It doesn't seem like it's integral to gameplay (unless maybe you're really just trying to cheese things?)

Anyway, I'll try to write up a guide. Just give me a bit. I'll try to cover converting animations / meshes / ESPs as well. 

Edit: Guide is done in the next post. If you're looking for some quick differences, download the jar I attached and check out Step 4 and 5 for the main deviations.

Edit 2: Disregard what I previously put in this edit. The FULL names are still an issue, and the names fix is still needed. Edited the guide.

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