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A question...

Why the names C:/Program Files/Beth....  and C:/Program files/Steam

Why is Skyrim not in the C:/Program files/Steam section? Is there a no Steam version ? ( I stopped playing Skyrim because of Steam. I  have none of the DLCs )

And why Fallout 3 in Steam ? I don't have a Steam version ( I do not know if Steam existed when Fallout 3 was released )



And WHY C ?????   And why Program files ????

I always tell the people do not install in C:/Program files.     And best NOT IN C .

If your Windows is "destroyed" by Virus or Trojan you can delete and clean C and install Windows again. Then you must only install the base game, to connect the game with windows and the graphic card , and you still have all your Mods.


I don't have Oblivion in C

And my OMods not in the game folder

And My Documents\My Games\Oblivion\  not in C  ( the save folder and Oblivion ini )

If  my Windows is destroyed, and I only have access to the BIOS, I can install Windows again and don't lose anything.

Or as I switched from WinXP  to Win7 my Oblivion survived. Only Base game, Si and 1.2.0416 Patch installed and I was back in game.  ( And I still use Win7 and will not switch )
And When I played Skyrim, Fallout 3 and Fallout NV I did the same. Game and Steam and save folders not in C.
C is windows ! Nothing else.

Sorry to post it here, I did not want to start a new topic.


... Oh I can post/copy it in all other topics ; Morrowind, Skyrim, Fallout-3, -NV, -4   :classic_biggrin:

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Fallout 3 is there because you can get it through steam it's where I got mine when I decided that I wanted to start using TTW (tales of two wastelands) so that I could join both fallout 3 and fallout new Vegas games together into one game. I did play 3 for awhile before kicking on TTW.


C:/Program files/Steam That is where skyrim and fallout 4 are installed too some tools like FNIS will throw up error messages if you have the game not in the steam directory unless you are running them through MO.


I have fallout 3/NV oblivion and skyrim through steam.

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I was trying to be original instead of making TES and FO sections


If I had it my way TES would have never been available on steam. It's a joke for people like me.


If it were up to me FO because of the nature of the game would have been steam from the start. Start being FO3.


It just makes more sense to me

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