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  1. Amber's Purple bewbs

    It's exactly what it looks like.
    I myself am a huge fan of breast bondage so there ya go
    No shame in my game baby 
    Credit to:
    DogOnPorch - Testing
    Fejeena - Testing and texture editing in part




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  3. The Event Horizon

    My own personal player Home.
    Sort of a hub home. Lots of items and doors that could break your game if you are not ready to use them.
    This was the first mod I started making when I came back to modding.
    If anyone wants to finish it and re upload just give me my credit for the initial concept.




  4. Amber's All Things Alchemical REBUILT

    Just a project I didn't have time to finish. Have fun with it.
    I do not want to see this on Nexus. If I do we are going to have problems.
    Re upload permissions given to DogOnPorch ONLY.




  5. Chipped/Worn Nail polish HGEC

    Comes in 4 colors.
    Pretty simple




  6. Amber's Equip-able Purple Bewbs

    For TES4 Oblivion
    This is an equip-able version of Amber's Purple Boobs. Amulets and Tail slot versions. Two different varieties: with/without squirting milk...high and low resolution. See what works best for you.
    A- High res texture with milk spray.
    B- Low res texture with milk spray.
    C- High res no milk spray.
    D- Low res no milk spray.
    (AT, BT, etc are tail versions.)
    For best results: use in combination with set body. Set the PC's or NPC's body to AA, A cup HGEC etc to avoid clipping...then equip. I've included a seam-hider around the neck and a back tattoo. With the squirting milk versions, best used with Lovers Sperm-Splash which tends to animate the spray somewhat.
    ESP included. Location: In a sack near the well outside Weye next to Fort Empire (see screenshot).
    MissAmber- purple boobs
    DogOnPorch- playtesting + modifications
    fejeena- additional files 
    Apachii - common gold texture
    NifSkope & Blender
    Oblivion Community for various meshes/textures
    LoversLab (for a place to invent such things)
    Bethesda- why we bother at all




  7. Amber's HGEC Hands

    For TES4 Oblivion
    This is an effort by MissAmber and DogOnPorch to create better looking hands for human female Oblivion PCs/NPCs. Ideally, they can be combined with TDA's Imitation Soles for a better looking character.
    Includes: standard non-fighter HGEC hands, palm print mesh and fingernails (combined into one mesh)
    MissAmber- palm mesh, chipped nails + textures
    DogOnPorch- idea + playtesting
    fejeena- additional files
    TDA- inspiration
    Apachii - common fingernail textures
    Oblivion Community
    NifSkope & Blender
    LoversLabs (for a place to invent such things)
    Bethesda- why we bother at all




  8. AW Solitude Docks REMAKE v1.5.0

    Screenshots https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/89352?tab=images
    This mod is no longer available for Nexus.
    Requires all DLCs

    This is  total remake of the existing file. Some of the screenshots in the library wont make sense at all but they were related to the previous version of this mod.
    What this mod started out to be was a total remodel of the existing solitude docks. Therere a few reasons i chose the docks.

    -Capitol of Skyrim
    -Supply lines in a war are critical to success (Bethesda glossed over that)
    -During times of conflict cargo ships become prime targets for privateers (also glossed over) but to my benefit. Birth of the Salty Faction 
    -The existing docks made me sad. just so dead and boring to have such nice scenery (solitude arch)
    later i added personal touches to the mod for gain of function

    -Skooma prevalence in Skyrim is lacking - So i expanded the skooma line and added skooma dealers
    -The same meat and cheese day after day - So i added a smoked meat and cheese line.

    after that i wanted to try to make and nif more complex meshes. i went off on a harry potter kick but that ESP was lost.

    -Chocolate Frogs, Pumpkin pasty, Couldron Cake, Nimbus 2000.

    My skills with blender were getting better. i also found i was making decent textures.

    All of that was nice but i was buying time. There was a monster hidden in this mod. The navmesh no matter what i tried i could not fix it. i tried everything i knew at the time and that was near nothing conspired to what i know now. Back then i got the best of me and i burnt out trying to fix it.

    Its annoying to know how close i was to the actual issue and how easy it would have been to fix. Buy the time i knew the correct way to mesh i already had so much rebuilt in the new version than to go back and fix the issues in the existing file.

    i have taken so much care and pride in the rebuild. and im always going over it in xedit to be sure i like what im seeing. The navmesh in the remake is flawless im making sure to keep the navmesh up to date with the build so there are no surprises down the line.

    there are places in this mod you have never seen. But the idea here is to get back to the original concept first then when im happy with it i will start adding the stuff below. but for now the plan is to focus on the docks alone.

    Concepts for future release:

    -HWMA Heavy Water Mitigation Accord, An agreement between the city of Solitude, the EEC and the Salty Faction where as the salty faction work as arbiters   between privateers and the EEC ensuring EEC cargo safe passage BUT all other ships are fair game.

    Because of this the city of Solitude may happen to overlook Skooma shipments coming and going for a cut of the profit (usage is still illegal)

    -Remote Elsweyr cane nodes where you can harvest cane. hidden and possibly later guarded.

    -Cane crafting to make moonsugar and Cane Mead.

    -Making the labyrinth functional this time (masons of skyrim fits in here) Under The Salty Spriggan is an entrance to an ancient ruin. The Salty Faction use it for hteir own means because they only have access to part of it. They use it as an underground passage to Brine Water Cave. But there is a section they dont know how to enter.

    You as the Dragon born will have the skills and tools to open the sealed half and begin your journey for the Centurion Wings. it will require all dragon claw keys so they have a new function. backdoor entrance into Blackreach with correct conditions. Backdoors into other places using Underground network of fissures Ancient builders kept secret. Secret ore veins  maybe some ghost masons to fight and Mason shrine blessing for crafting.

    -Add Salt Spriggan summons, guardians, source of salt and Salt Taproots for upgrading Heavy Water weapons

    -Add boatman to North Tower location, map marker, coc marker.

    there are other ideas too.

    This mod is DLC dependent now, i did this so there are no vanilla conflicts.
    i will be adding a crimson Nirnroot to the docks. its up to the player if they want to take it or not.
    Anyways Production has started again and i work on it almost every day.




  9. Natural Woman Repaint

    Natural Woman Repaint
    Nov 3rd, 2018
    A detailed repaint of...I'm not sure who the original artist was...but all credit to that person.
    Includes...some blue veins/stretch marks/Montgomery glands...etc.
    Also Amber's HGEC pussy textures (built-in).
    For advanced Oblivion users...install like you would install any skin texture.
    Back-up your old skin. Just in case...





  10. ZAZ Whipped Repaint

    ZAZ Whipped Texture Repaint
    Nov 3rd, 2018

    A fairly detailed rendering of a very abused young lady...for Imperials/Bretons/Nords, generally.
    Two textures...
    One BIG with some graffiti written on her in her own lipstick. 
    One smaller suitable for NPCs...but will work fine with the PC. No graffiti.
    These are NOT for dropping into your character/skin folder...don't do it.

    To use... 
    Pick a body in Set Body (required) that does not share common hands/feet meshes.
    Open the meshes using NifSkope (required) and aim the textures to the ZAZ texture of your choice. Foot and Hand etc...
    Rename the material properties from "skin" to anything else "whipped.01" for example. Must do.  
    Back-up your work. Save the mesh(es). Load the body in-game with Set Body.
    Since you need to drop the skin filter to get this to work, these textures work best with Imperials/Bretons/Nords/Elves...with not too fair facial skin tones. 
    Not for newbies, I know...but easy once to understand once you get it all working correctly.
    (All credit to ZAZ for the original texture)




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