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  1. OBSE + CSE issue. I need pro advice.

    Okay so check this shit out. I did a no-no. I took the HDD out of my lappy and put it on my ASUS and tried CSE. Worked perfect. That mistake cost me OME OS.... My laptop keeps telling me my windows is not genuine. I thought that may happen but I have come to the conclusion that win7 home premium x64 may have a problem with CSE. I don't know what else it could be
  2. HGEC lowerbody Gape project.

    Alright I did a quick little unwrap and sloppy texture for the vag on a 2048x2048 HGEC texture just to give a better idea of what I have going on.
  3. HGEC lowerbody Gape project.

    I decided it was best to take a step back from my previous projects to focus on this. If this offends the person who made the original Gape lower body HGEC mesh I am sorry but it's kinda meh. So I was thinking it could use a woman's touch. Oh yes. I have some very solid blender work done that I would like to share and I'm hoping this could be a team effort to get a newer cleaner Gape mesh. If anyone is interested let me know and I will make a link. With a team I'm sure we can get this looking real nice with good UV and get a new texture going. Let me know -Amber
  4. OBSE + CSE issue. I need pro advice.

    I'm so over this. I typed the names wrong and I look like a complete idiot. In the end I just wanted to get it finished just in case anyone else had the same problem. But now I throw my fucking hands up. I mean seriously. I typed the names wrong in my last message I have not had enough sleep. Yes I did that ALL OF IT. there is no logical reason why it should not be working but it's not and I don't feel like getting yelled at any more. Thank you for your efforts to help me but I simply don't have the patience for it any more. So if an Adm n would like to delete this thread feel free plz. I'm done with it
  5. OBSE + CSE issue. I need pro advice.

    This is so bad. I went to school for PC repair. Nothing I even went into CMD and enabled the windows 7 built in administrator account set everything up and still the same thing. Funny thing I notice is when I right click and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR the CMD will flash and tell me it can not find the path specified This happens on CSE51 OBSE shortcut. And CSE8 using the BAT left as is. But if I change it to -oldinject CS will launce but it's the normal version. It that not strange? I do have CS 1.2.416 by the way. I looked the the version of ConstructionSetOld and that one is 1.0 I don't even have the OBSE_launcher1.0.dll I just have the OBSE_launcher1.2.dll So I should be fine. I'm still messing with net framework and ditectx it's a matter of time I hope
  6. OBSE + CSE issue. I need pro advice.

    OBSE21 obse_1_2_416.dll obse_editor_1_2.dll obse_loader.exe obse_steam_loader.dll That's what I meant sorry. It's been a long day.
  7. OBSE + CSE issue. I need pro advice.

    That's exactly what I said! Okay let me see about getting DX end-user runtime and framework 4.7. I'm still down to try new stuff but as far as ideas go I'm empty. Keep throwing them at me I will keep trying. Watch it be something stupid like my time and date. I need to change that
  8. OBSE + CSE issue. I need pro advice.

    Okay yeah just like I remember. CSE didn't come with the CSE.BAT. I did remember that. So I had to launch it with OBSE_launcher shortcut. I set it up exactly they way you are supposed to. The same damn thing. I give up. At leat I still have CSE working on my laptop so I should just be happy I have that. Idk what else I could possibly try . my PC simply does not like CSE.
  9. OBSE + CSE issue. I need pro advice.

    :( okay I give. Il try CSE51 again
  10. OBSE + CSE issue. I need pro advice.

    Okay here's the thing every time I use VC++ 2017 installer it removes VC++ 2015. Let me roll that back and see if it clears. Btw I noticed I was in the program files folder. Until I get this resolved I have Oblivion installed in C:/ C:/ program files C:/ program files (x86) I just remake the shortcut every time I test each one. Let me rollback to VC++ 2015 and test each one again. Thanks
  11. OBSE + CSE issue. I need pro advice.

    I hope this helps. Maybe you can see something that I don't.
  12. OBSE + CSE issue. I need pro advice.

    Yeah I never put the -editor in the " " because then it would direct the shortcut to a file that does not exist. Let my try adding -oldinject.
  13. OBSE + CSE issue. I need pro advice.

    Yep 100% unprotected because I test everything on my lappy before I move it to my desktop. I don't have my desk connected to the interwebs. Never have never will. I scan everything I DL with malware bytes first to make sure it's not dirty. My lappy does have Avira but it have to disable it from time to time. Okay I did have space -editor -no timeout. Same deal I have Windows 7 SP1 VC++ 2008 - 2017 x86 and x64 .Net framework 4.5 Direct 9 upgraded to DX 10 I'm starting to think it's the .net framework becuase everything else is the exact same except .NET My lappy has .Net Framework 4 client profile .Net Framework 4 extended My desk has .Net Framework 4.5 I'm starting to think this is the problem. But before I even do that I need to get that darn SI DLC we have been taking about Fejeena. Complication after complication after complication. FML! So tempted to while my desk HDD and mirror my lappy HDD and run that because I have had 0 of these issues with it. Only my lappy has very cruddy gaming graphics, single core 1.5ghz CPU and 2gb ddr2. My desk has Nvidia 9800gt, AMD 4.0 x4 core (over clocked) and 8gb ddr3. (Lowered from 12gb) So I need to be using my desk for obvious reasons
  14. it's okay to smile ya know!

    I just had to share. T photo IP camera up while doing some testing and I had to show my faction. -Far left- Amber (Me as an NPC) Mod: Event Horizon Type: Player Home (current cell) -Back Row- Kothringi Bodyguards Mod: MonsterGirl BH Type: other -Far Right- Allison (My sis as NPC) Mod: All Things Alchemical Rebuilt Type: Rebuilt -far Right Back row- Negan Mod: Event Horizon Type: player Home -Center- Player (Elf) Solaris Mod: Children of Annuad, Amber's Super Saiyan v3.0 (blue edition) Type: child-x117, Player Super Saiyan Race Amber is a very talented conjurer Allison is a potions expert. Negan is the King of blunt and paralize 4 immortal kothringi kill any threats before the reach me. Solaris is a phase shifter changing race at will, that better way to lower an opponents defence than the illusion of a small child that can go super Saiyan Blue in an instant or duplicate herself to the power of 20 or both ;) Using my Z sword I can take Dagon down in 15 seconds if I go SS Blue I had to remove Lovers Joberg for this. Because no.
  15. it's okay to smile ya know!

    Your Skyrim looks amazing! I love it!, I have a new SS I want to share. Still Oblivion because I don't have Skyrim yet. Had at one point but not any more. Soon I hope