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    Hey, I'm Amber YAY!
    Well I'm bi but not really looking for anyone special right now, too much freedom being single and I love it. Plenty of time to focus on me.

    I love Gothic, metal and punk music.
    Instrumental covers and almost any dance music as long as it has a beat I can dance to.

    I like modding games.. Well just about anything I can mod I do. Playing with mods and making something that is 100% you are totally different feelings.

    I'm a bit of a tomboy, well it depends because I like to 1up men and show that us girls can do anything they can do and even do it better.

    Besides stand up to pee, no wait I can do that too! Weird right?

    And on the other hand I'm kinda just like every other girl just not all girly girl unless I get shy I guess. Its hard to explain.

    I don't really like drama but I can tell a few dramatic stories and listen to them all day :)

    I'm super immature! I stay in my jammies all day sometimes and watch cartoons. Lol I'm just me!

    There are very few other women I I can relate to, fewer I actually like and even fewer I really trust

    I'm not 2 faced so I get along with guys a lot better

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  1. Good luck with your Die Antwoord mod! Looking forward to it. I love them too. Haven't had the pleasure of meeting Yolandi or Ninja but hope to one day.  FTW SA!

  2. TheRealMissAmber

    Die Antwoord meets Skyrim

    ek weet nie maar die sub-titels sal wees in Afrikaans
  3. TheRealMissAmber

    Screen Shots

  4. TheRealMissAmber

    Die Antwoord meets Skyrim

    blender 2018-04-24 14-03-07-09.bmp HEY GUYS!!! I'M BACK Sorry i have been absent for a while, real life will do that to ya i suppose. Anyways i'm back and i'm on some next level shit. I got to meet and hang out with the members of Die Antwoord. they are a South African Rap group and i just fell in love with them and their freaky ZEF life style, so much so in fact that i feel like they should be my newest addition to Skyrim. most of you probably already know who they are if you have seen the movie Chappie, yes that is who i am referring to. anyways here is where im at, THE CONCEPT i already went to blender and chipped the rust off (go me) i took to it a lot faster than the last time i took a break, back to the point -> the most iconic feature of Yo Landi other than her small size and child like voice is her hair! that seemed like it would be the most challenging so that where i started. this is what im talking about so you don't have to pop open a new tab She is just adorable and the nicest person ever, so like i said i took to blender and started in. after about 2 hrs this is what i have so far Its still in super raw form im sure you guessed, that meshing is not the issue i can get that on point later as i polish. no i am faced with an entirely different set of issues The Problem i have absolutely no idea how to animate hair i know enough about modding that it is a question of rigging to a set of bones that allow movement of a mesh during animations, if i had to guess i would say it is something that can be done with OS but i have no idea if the old Oblivion conformulator needs to be used or what, i may be over thinking this im not sure, thats how lost i am on this. i just dont want her hair clipping with shoulders or her back when she turns her head or crouches, what i do want is her pony tail to sway back and forth while walking and running maybe even during attack. if im being 100% honest it seems like the best thing to do is make the mesh than rig it from an existing animated hair but i dont know if i will need extra stuff to do that. so a step by step in plain english would help a lot. i can credit those who offer useful advice once it is finished. i need this to be perfect and here is why. The End Game this is not just going to be another NPC to play with for a while then uninstall when you need room in your load order, in face i dont care is anyone DLs it at all! i am making it for Yo Landi and Ninja. i will be sending them a link directly to LoversLab when it is finished and uploaded and who knows LL may be mentioned on their twitter or something anything is possible really i want to show them that i appreciate the kindness they showed me and the respect they gave me was valued. this will be a player race and follower Yo Landi > Player Ninja > Follower and Ninja > player Yo Landi > Follower so it will be 2 .esp files when i am done Yolandi will be Bosmer and Ninja will be Imperial > templates so! just to recap i need to know how to make animated hair that will not clip with the player body, and can this be done by using and existing rigged hair FURTHERMORE if so how do i go about doing it, the more detail the better ~~ yes yes the Real Miss Amber is indeed back and i did not forget about my previous projects xoxo thanks for reading and thank you in advanced for any help you offer
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    Chat [Reboot]

    Hey i have been gone a while. Burnt myself out lol im back
  6. TheRealMissAmber

    Screen Shots

    Okay I have a question. What it I altered the mesh and texture? Eg Remove the rope from the lid and change the texture to be a different color. Then it wouldn't be a port per say it would be unique in the sense that it would nolonger be recognizable as a "Oblivion barrel"
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    Screen Shots

    Nice round numbers
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    Chat [Reboot]

    1.8.1 Let me go update this in the files real fast. Then I have to go do the same at Nexus. It has 5 endos so far. Not nearly as good as my Conan but it's a WIP. If I get anywhere close to Winterhold rebuild I will be happy.
  9. TheRealMissAmber

    Chat [Reboot]

    That's what I wanted to hear. Thank you @fejeena @myuhinny I doing the souls gem Grotto after all and I'm using shadow green world space. I'm replacing the tree at the top with a big Crimson Nirn root. Also doing the same for Soul gems. I'm making them static, scaling them up and they are going to be protruding from the walls. A side note. From the very first time I played Skyrim I always thought the metal Skyrim dragon logo would make an epic shield. I finally did it. It has the ultra dragon priest enchantment with shout reduce 20% and 50% resist magic. I think the ultra dragon priest enchanted stack if you have the mask too. 2x more likely to heal you or summon a dragon priest. Either way for the test phase it looks really good Let me go snap a pic of the East empire co building. I have been busy. Entrance to the Grotto is in the basement of the spriggan and there will be an exit through BrineWater cave. It is just so perfect. @myuhinny I'm so happy you told me about porting across tes because I was planning on porting the Oblivion ships. I had all the bugs ready to merge.
  10. TheRealMissAmber

    Chat [Reboot]

    That would be even funnier. They just don't care. Maybe if I use the play tag that the kids do in solitude. Tes5edit is so awesome now that I know what I'm doing a little I have a question for you. Let's say I have a static nirnroot. I want to make it bigger but CK only lets me scale it to 10.0000 Would it be reasonable to believe that I can scale it in the Nif THEN scale it in CK? For an overall x20 effect or any variation there of? It makes sense as a thought
  11. TheRealMissAmber

    Chat [Reboot]

    Okay 2 things. 1.St I want to make a plugin called boogy man. Absolutely no other function other than to terrorize children. Like a black ethereal warewolf that spawns randomly and only targets children. No one else can see them but you and the kids. I want to give the kids a HIGH pitch blood curdling scream! And take off running. Day... Night, it don't matter. But the boogy man never catches them or. Hurts them. That's it! I think that would be hilarious. Out in the sticks near morthal and hear this ear splitting scream. LMFAO... especially after you find out why... LMFAO kinda like in New Vegas. In freeside that kid is always chasing the rat. 2.Nd I am becoming a TES5Edit ninja lately! I fixed that guard, learned how to copy world space. Batch form IDs. This is gold. It really is. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=798570279 Worth a read.
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    Screen Shots

    Let me know when the dirty Breton jokes start. I feel like I would be racist not to start with myself first lol.
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    Monster Girl Blockhead Edition

    You have made so much head way with this. Go puddles go!
  14. TheRealMissAmber

    Screen Shots

    That's bull! That sucks okay. I wanted to do an orcish weapons port for Oblivion. Dang I'm glad you told me
  15. TheRealMissAmber

    Screen Shots

    What's the deal with the barrels?