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    Hey, I'm Amber YAY!
    Well I'm bi but not really looking for anyone special right now, too much freedom being single and I love it. Plenty of time to focus on me.

    I love Gothic, metal and punk music.
    Instrumental covers and almost any dance music as long as it has a beat I can dance to.

    I like modding games.. Well just about anything I can mod I do. Playing with mods and making something that is 100% you are totally different feelings.

    I'm a bit of a tomboy, well it depends because I like to 1up men and show that us girls can do anything they can do and even do it better.

    Besides stand up to pee, no wait I can do that too! Weird right?

    And on the other hand I'm kinda just like every other girl just not all girly girl unless I get shy I guess. Its hard to explain.

    I don't really like drama but I can tell a few dramatic stories and listen to them all day :)

    I'm super immature! I stay in my jammies all day sometimes and watch cartoons. Lol I'm just me!

    There are very few other women I I can relate to, fewer I actually like and even fewer I really trust

    I'm not 2 faced so I get along with guys a lot better

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  1. TheRealMissAmber

    Screen Shots

    The first in a set of 3 rings. The one ring. Green lantern ring And Zamasu's Time ring
  2. TheRealMissAmber

    Screen Shots

    It always breaks my immersion to think that the power to reanimate the dead is taboo in TES games but completely possible but magic that would allow one to fly is absurd and non existent. (Throw back) -boots of spring heel jack-. I know there's a good reason that they don't make flight in the TES games I learned that in oblivion with ring of wings. A lot of places were not meant to be seen from above and pop god forbid I just fly up to the throat of the world right? I remember Morrowind. Leaving Seada Been to Vivec the levitating wizard falls to his death. He was flying. They just did away with so much of the good stuff. Like darts and throwing stars a lot of stats... I just want to bring a few elements of magic back. Makes me sad actually.
  3. TheRealMissAmber

    Screen Shots

    120 mph broomstick punch. I have been thinking. Imagine flying. Getting close to top speed... Then your vision goes tunnel like when you sprint. K? Then a thunder crack sound and the hand casts Ward. And you have just broke the speed of sound. The ward stays until you reduce speed. THAT is what I want for this. That along with the idea of a dog fight with dragons from a broomstick could make this a stand alone mod that would never leave my load order. From there there can be broom shops and forgeable brooms. Put more use to existing ingredients and materials new minable ore like Iridium and bismuth. Right now an actual game of quidditch in skyrim seems beyond reach but if I can get this fucking thing off the ground and make it where you can use magic be it staff hand or something in-between is the goal. I think it's the ebony plate of boethial that has the black smoke shader. That could be perfect for death eater shrouds. A little tweaking on that and I can make it white for the Auras shrouds. There is just so much cool shit in the Harry Potter series that I don't think it should be scoffed at just because it's represented in Harry Potter. Witch's on brooms magic wands owls what ever else. The reason I'm running with it is because of all the stories that have ever been told about witch's. Harry Potter stands alone in the fact that they have names and brands on their most trivial objects perfect example would be... You guessed it. Brooms! I never heard of the wicked witch of the west having named her broom. Or even the witch in Cinderella naming her wand. Oh but the vorpal sword got a name. See what I mean? I live in that grey area between cannon and ship. It's my home and the only limitation is my ability
  4. TheRealMissAmber

    Screen Shots

    That could be cool. I guess in my mind I seen the hand flipping people off or when you do to put the broom away the hand will grab onto the bar or even hold stuff when you are flying.
  5. TheRealMissAmber

    Screen Shots

    K so I'm not sure how I feel about this yet. I did a lot of work to the hand and now the stick is a sleeve. I like it because it's original. I'm wondering if it's too much or if I should put the hand FX for conjuration in the palm... That would be a lot going on I think. The hand alone is a lot.
  6. TheRealMissAmber

    Screen Shots

    Lots of life stuffs happening. Have to remake the collision for the bunkhouse the spriggan has an upper deck and the collision primitive on the 2nd floor exceeds the object bounds. Easy peasy. I decided to make my own signature Harry Potter Broom it's getting closer to done and I feel good to share I call it the Shadow Caster MK3
  7. TheRealMissAmber

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    My inability to understand things then when I do understand them I get frustrated that I won't get the time back that it took me to understand them. It happens a lot when making mods I found. Idk it makes me mad sometimes. No lie, it took me 2 days to figure out how to make a bard to make a bard do bad stuff in my little mod. Adding to that, all the places I went on line (noticing a growing trend) where people had the same issues you have these smart added people that only give vague info or half truths. Ummm HELLO?! if you don't know don't act like you do or just simply say you don't know. Real life stuff. How all too often when there is a simple misunderstanding or disagreement between people of different races one of them always has to play the race card.(short story) my bedtime works at Starbucks and got fired because this random guy was having a bad day. She was swamped and messed up his coffee. He gets this entitled attitude and starts yelling saying it's because he's black. I would not have believed it if I weren't there. Total BS. Things that are being advertised to kids. I am by no means a PC conscious person. Start up, if what I say hurts your feelings you either have a fragile self image or care way to much about what other people think... Grow a pair. Anyways. I kinda touched on this topic before here but il do it again. Loooot of toys being advertised about poo lately I can name 3 off top. Doggie Doo - the game is literally about making a dog poop. Woop fun stuff. Poopkins - it's advertised for girls as a jelly that you mold into poop. End game... Unknown. And there is this other one where you make piles of poop and get blindfolded then try to make it across the mat without stepping in it. Hours of fun... Yeah because scraping shit out from between your toes is the best. Yummy. Il say it again I'm concerned about this. It's weird. How is this being normalized? My take away from all this is that we are telling kids that playing with poop is fun and it's OK! The baby wets herself dolls... Okay yeah I won't go into politics or religion but that's a few things that piss me off. Rant over
  8. TheRealMissAmber

    Screen Shots

    Face palm. Just got a location working and my stupid ass bard it singing. I feel like I should be happy. I was over come by an awkward emoting and I killed her! ~pant pant pant~ I... I killed all of them then I sat down and just looked at the dead bodies... It felt good! Okay so. Bards won't sing without being in a cell flagged LocTypeInn. But it's not that simple. You have to make a new location then go to the cell edit and flag it with the new location. Then you have to make an X marker and flag it with location center marker then it adds the cell to that location then you have to make an X marker heading the ref that to your bard then give your bard a sandbox AI package. ALL THAT just to get a bard to sing. To be honest I wouldn't have done it at all if I didn't make my bard so good looking. She looks like one of the girls from the bathing beauties bath house mod. I did really good on her. I went so may places looking for answers and didn't get any. There are a lot of people that can't or don't know how to do what I just did. And I think I figured out a fix for the navmesh/AWOL NPC issue. If so I'm golden again. The exterior nav mesh issue can suck a bag of dicks. I had to revers engineer a few locations to figure this out. Ugh just when I thought I got away it sucked me back in.
  9. TheRealMissAmber

    Screen Shots

    Welp I'm done. Thought I had it fixed but no. Now NPC are sometimes in the cell when I enter and sometimes they are completely gone. It's totally random. You ever try adding a bard to a new cell? Ever try making a new location? What a fucking joke it should not be that complicated but it is and it broke my spirit all together. It's just a cascade of issues one after the other and to be honest I don't know how to fix it. The docks are going in the trash. It's a little heart breaking because I added 4 new cells and linking them with a fucking location is making me pull my hair out. I have been in a sgitty mood for 3 days over this. I meshes out a whole line of wands got them Nifed just went and tried making a Disarm fire and forget spell. Won't let me link the enchantment to the weapon even though it's flagged as a staff. Absolute bullshit. It's just a barrage of limitations both with the engine and my ability. The thing that hurts the most is its flawed from the ground up. All starting with the vanilla nav mesh at the docks. Honestly I really don't even want to mod Bethesda games any more. I'm thinking about seeing what I can do with XenoVerse. Pretty sure this is the end of my SK modding. It's more irritating than anything any more. Sorry
  10. TheRealMissAmber

    Screen Shots

    Regards not exactly. I remember in oblivs it's best to to a time laps to 48 or 72 hrs game time to let the AI package really start working but even then with my event horizon home my NPC won't come to the bar unless you leave the cell. I like to take the game back to vanilla and do a hard save then install mods one by one(activate in load order) to get a potential down loaders prospective. Clear all IDs that Esp unpacked in the game. Start fresh. Idk. Blah. You know what tho. I learned TONS about how games work though from all this. I know a lot of things you can't do and how games(some) function. And how it starts at the engine and branches out like a tree or Nif string array it nothing more I took that know-how away. I feel like I put a lot of work into my Nimbus that... Idk it's a static object. Im going somewhere with this... I spend more time meshing and adjusting UVs material EM maps n maps Diffuse maps I'm learning BSglow property now playing with a spriggan.. I spend more time doing that than ever playing the game. And when I do play I find something I want to make or change. It's weird. It's like if I really step back making things is the game to me. If there is a broom stick fly mod that would be cool. I'm going to post a line up of my added things it may make you laugh. So I'm stuck on the docks. I can still make stuff ?
  11. TheRealMissAmber

    Screen Shots

    Nope I went that route too to be sure. My SK load order would make you laugh. I only have 5 and of those are Skyrim.Esm and Update.Esm I have 0 adult mods in my skyrim vanilla armors vanilla bodies 0 replacers so my docks are #3 in my load order.. Good news I got all NPCs moving again rebuilding sections of the nav mesh. I learned a valuable bit of info. When editing navmesh if you edit vanilla navmesh in cells that have 2 or more navmesh it will toss an error either "navmesh bounds missing ~~ needs to be refinalized" or "navmesh ~~ has no parent space" blah blah. When that happens it confuses the NPC especially in worldspace or big interiors that have joined cells. Because when you do that it flags one of the Navmesh as D* it don't matter if the new .Esp has a nav mesh or not the NPCs see it as an Island. It's weird and that's why the docks throw errors for cells -16,22 - -17, 24. The only real fix for the CK error is to undelete the RAM navmesh with tes5 edit and move it under the landscape and to me that seems like an absurd work around so I'm simply not going to do it. Followers seem to have slight pickups on the docks but work fine once you enter the spriggan. And follow fine in there. Agro of the Salty Faction they seem to chase me just fine on the docks though so in all honesty it's a Bethesda bug and it's kinda expected I guess. As for inside the spriggan itself the NPCs are moving again sometimes they go into DUHHHHHH mode and just stand there and I believe that's a navmesh issue I just have found yet. Could be as simple as a doubled very on the navmesh or something more sinister. Either way messing with the navmesh and nothing else has yielded results so I'm just going to keep going making backups should I hit a detrimental error like I have about 9 times today. What a cluster fuck. There are times that NPCs will teleport instantly to to a location and thats what's bugging me. Spending a lot of time in TFC to watch every movement of 5 and at times 8 NPCs coming and going from the spriggan... It's a little tedious but that's the price to make sure it's all working before I can move forward. A little hope restored.
  12. TheRealMissAmber

    Screen Shots

    Adding to that. I really miss the oblivion path grid system it was so much easier.
  13. TheRealMissAmber

    Screen Shots

    Not happy. All of a sudden navmash is not working properly NPCs standing around until I leave the cell or wait. It's pissing me off. Amber going about her buzz while other NPC are in retard mode. I even cleared their AI packages and they still do it I literally have to walk up to them and force them to back up or shout them into a different part of the navmesh for them to start moving again. Pissed is an understatement. Looks like I have to Re re re nav mesh the spriggan AGAIN. bad day. Spilled coffee on my desk. Fighting software bugs with faulty hardware. My mouse dose what ever it want sometimes. FML. Came so close to scrapping the docks all together. I'm still kinds there. If I don't get it solved by tonight I'm done with it and possibly modding all together because if I can figure this out with everything I know then I have no reason to keep doing it. Moral is low.
  14. TheRealMissAmber

    Screen Shots

    MMO so here's that chocolate McFrogger I was talking about. Yes the frog is its own trishape so you can make nipple pasties out of them ? I couldn't think of a good witch or wizard to put in the window soooooo I just used the skyrim logo. The texture and logo are the only parts of this I didn't make. That box texture is actually from a template you print out and fold to make a box. The inside of the box and window I did a lot of work on to make match. Everything else was me. Aaaaaaand here is the in game Nimbus 2000. I want to touch it up a little more as far a material tiny mesh adjustments and a little texture work but over all I'm happy as fuck!!!
  15. TheRealMissAmber

    Screen Shots

    Eeeek! I love it! I mean if I had my way I would be meshing every straw in the brush and all cylinders would have 48 faces but I don't think skyrim would like a mesh with 80k tris. So this is as good as it gets. Depending on how it handles the lighting in game the brass may be darkened but with out emission it should be fine. Idk il bring it right up to a light node to be sure but yeah. Can wait to see it with normals and alpha.