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[mod] Stellaris Sexy Xenos and more (SSX) 1.11.8


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13 hours ago, Toronam said:

My mod is totaly "free", you can pick up whatever you want or edit files for your mods.

You might want to put a license file in your archive, something modders don't usually do even though they really should. You'd need to disclose what is open and free to use and what isn't, I suppose the graphical assets aren't free as not made by you. (Also it's totally, with 2 l.)


A way to phrase it could be: "All text files fall under [this license]. All graphics belong to their original author.". Then replace [this license] with the name of a license, creative common or the X11 license.


The reason to pick a license is to lift any ambiguity. What do you mean by free? Is it free as "freedom and open", or free as "you don't have to give money for it"? I've learned that while doing FOSS, even if you write down a small silly thing you always, always, need to specify clearly what people can and cannot do with your stuff. I personally don't really give a damn, so I always use the BSD license :tongue:

13 hours ago, Toronam said:

If you prefer a other mod name i can change it quikly.

The name of your mod is just fine.

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"Need to Bread"?


*Laughing harder than I should*



The traits for the most part seem somewhat logical.

But please explain to me how being a natural nudist enables a species to gain a 30% habitability bonus. Wearing no clothes at all enables a species to live somewhere where before a hazmat suit was needed to even survive?

For 5 points while the original extremely adaptive only adds 20% habitability for 4 points and the simple adaptive adding 10% for 2 points.

With 25% it would somewhat be balanced and in line with the original traits from paradox.

Still the question from the beginning to answer, though. :tongue:

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I'm going to think about the natural nudist trait. And raise the price to 6 points for the next patch. Maiby add more negatives traits to be able to buy more easily very good traits.


I am curious to know what are the types or new xenos the loverlab members want to see in the future.  :smile:

Or maybe other types of content? I leave the events to the others, my skill is poor.


Edit: I try everything to add new slavery type or new living standard but i have totally failed to add this in the good menu. I cruelly understand why there is no mod with more species rights.  Salted! 



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Dogs, wolves and rabbit categories would probably all be good options to add.


Also, for the pony ones (and probably in general) maybe avoid edge clipped images. There's at least one I would like to use as a ruler profile, but the missing sides of the image are a bit jarring.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I second that.


If you're still up for requests, the Draenei from WoW would be a pleasing addition to my space lanes, and I suppose with humans in now perhaps some elves too?  ;)


I'm actually considering making a mod with some premade empires using these profiles mixed with some of the traits from the other mods. For fun mostly, but I think it could turn into a way for people here to generate our own sexy universe with its own lore and stuff.

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There is the Animated Hollow Portraits mod on Steam Workshop that makes for a pretty decent tentacle species. Based off of the actual in game horror creatures I believe, and uses standalone versions of their npc ships. Squirmy tentacles and everything.


I can see how plain tentacle portraits would be problematic to make though. Considering they usually come en masse and would probably result in a lot of edge-clipped portraits unless custom made to fit into the game's portrait system.

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14 hours ago, ParadoxalObserver said:

Xenos with tentacles are the most difficult thing. I've tried multiple times to make a tentacle monster portrait pack for Stellaris and nothing. I never thought it'd be this difficult to find good images for such, but it surprisingly is!

So, you're looking for a tentacle portrait? Well, you might be interest by the animated tentacle I did for MASSA mod. It's not playable at the moment, as it's only used for a specific event, but it's possible to make it as a playable portrait.




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I have a bug, whenever I try and activate the portraits mod in the empire builder appearance menu I get a series of empty Portrait types like SSX1, SSX2, SSX 3, but the only one which actually has any portrait options in it is SSX and it only has 5-6 different options. This happens even if SSX is the only mod loaded and after a games file check. Help?

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I wouldn't worry too much about that. It's just how the base game handles the different "graphics cultures," and is a general side-effect in any mod that adds multiple city view graphics.


A graphics culture is basically a set of city + ship + species graphics tied together. However, since this mod only adds the species to a single category, and has a half dozen city graphics, there's going to be empty categories and duplicate ship selections no matter what unless the actual game devs change the code to cut down on redundant graphics categories.

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The empty portrait profile types are kind of "just there" as a side effect of the way the game's programming works for certain additions made by mods. Generated AI empires will ignore them because there isn't anything in the categories anyway for them to select, and you can safely ignore them too for the same reasons.

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Can you do like NSC did and force the empty frames to the bottom of the list and raise up SSX to be somewhere in line with Humanoids?


Also if you could subdivide the portrait types by species that'd be awesome, so my catgirl empire was only catgirls and not randomly have a rabbit or something pop up!

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10 hours ago, Davidchan said:

Can you do like NSC did and force the empty frames to the bottom of the list and raise up SSX to be somewhere in line with Humanoids?


Also if you could subdivide the portrait types by species that'd be awesome, so my catgirl empire was only catgirls and not randomly have a rabbit or something pop up!

I do not think the species class list is a urgent problem but its interesting. The portraits are already subdivised, maibe you talk about the dr.comet portrait? I did not plan to subdivide this portrait for the moment.

8 hours ago, Sybian said:

How can I use these portraits for "synths, robots and hive minds"? Thxs!

I never play these types of empires, I forgot to make the mod compatible with that. :smile: Fortuitously the hive mind work but the robot hive need a patch.

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