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  1. I'm back, I've just made a first crude update for the traits and more file, I need to test more things. Surprisingly the events have survived. The portraits cities and countries mods are fine. With this 3rd new planetary management my mod is probably greatly unbalanced. I've already tweaked some values and I'm steel still doing it with my actual game. The main new features I've added are 3 experimental flags, 2 origins, 12 technologies for the non gestalt empires and many rooms. The events will be far less annoying. In fact I like them because I'm a weird xenophil
  2. Hello! I haven't being here since a small moment. Sorry, I have lost my interest to the game, so I correct and update my mods at a super slow speed. But the traits and more for 2.2 and more mod is updated. With few fix, 3 new traits and an unfinished but usable name list (SSM 2). I don't remember that I said there is somes new rooms since something like multiple months? XD At least I'm sure it's finally done. The 2.7 is not officially supported because *drum roll* that's an additional mess. If somebody have managed to get the 2nd tech of the habitats i'm super interested.
  3. Oups, yes it's the same size. I have patched again ssx traits and more, the planet window is nicer again. It's a little different from the previous modification. preview:
  4. Ssx traits and more is patched again. I can't manage to make work again my customized pop details window and i have lost the previous version of the file. This feature is removed. Yes.
  5. No origins planed, for now. I have corrected the ssx trait and more. The first bug is a feature, it's for those who use "mod menu", you can ignore it. The second bug is now moved to a better world, i was not sure from where was this "build queue desc", thanks.
  6. The ssx traits and more is updated. Surprisingly, it has never crashed the game. You have one more civic in bonus. If you use the "mod menu" steam mod, it must be loaded before ssx traits and more or you will have a smaller ruler window.
  7. The ssx portraits mod is updated! The file is renamed "sexyxenos portraits". I have removed 2 species, the gardevoir like and the anime species with monster hunter clothing. But you have a new weird prototype species made by me, the light bulb elves. I have sadly forgot to change the supported version after 2 entire hours of upload but that change nothing, and i have removed a small incompatibility with the lithoid dlc. Normally, the current ssx trait and more will make crash the 2.6 update. I start to update soon.
  8. I play at 1280x960, it's working now, with 0.9 scaling. Good point. I have ssx trait and more and ui overhaul in the same time and no problem. It was probably from a wrong load order, i recommend to give to ui overhaul a better priority (loading after ssx), but maybe it's from an other mod.
  9. Delete the interface folder in trait and more. I can't truly test ui overhaul because my screen is too small, i can't reach the others panels in the bottom of the planet window, so no patching possible. 😛 You have already an improved ruler window with this mod anyway. I have reuploaded the older ssx trait and more with a easier name.
  10. Nowhere. I will do something about that, that was not a good choice from me.
  11. Update done ! Only for the traits and more file. I don't even remember i have added so much stuff over time. The update log is incomplete but the important stuff is inside. The compatibility is a bit lowered but nothing too critical. The vanilla border opinion and the species happiness are rewritten but if an other mod is in conflict that will not crash. BUT! I have also increased the size of the ruler and pop portrait in their windows. That will crash if you use an other mod that change the sames interface files. So, planetary diversity planet view is included and mod menu is sti
  12. The mods are still in development even if it's super slow because i'm not playing much to the game with all of the problems he actually have . I don't plan to make a custom sexy vassal state even if it's a good idea. Maybe i will make an update in a geologically really short time if i'm not too lazy. *use the "sorry for my english" card*
  13. The mod still work fine, many people are still on the 2.3 version and the launcher do not show the mods with a superior version ( not always ).
  14. You must limit yourself with a 952x340 picture like the originals. There is a way to make pictures bigger but ui modding is really painful and i have tried multiple time and failed. Oni-Noboru
  15. But I wrote a changelog with what file is upgraded...
  16. It's when an event cannot be understood by the game. But it work fine with me on the 2.3. Your file is older than expected? Edit: Emergency update for ssx trait and more 2.3. Known issues : missing localisation for every language english except and missing text for the starting event and the first contact event when playing with the new Salacious Machine civic.
  17. Gentle snu snu have 0.5% of chances every month to happen on every planets, 0.75% in a xenophile country and 1% in a fanatic xenophile. I want it to be uncommon but you are unlucky. Increase the probability by having snu pops and non snu pop on a maximum of planets.
  18. I expand the species name list for the next upgrade. I think that too. I have downloaded the files in the loverlab and my anti virus find nothing, i'm using Norton and usually he is paranoid and abusive, lol. That look like a false positive. Strange. No milk farm in this mod, sir. 🥛 I have copy pasta the "who will get this job trigger" from the vanilla entertainer job. It's true it's probably super difficult to create arts without emotions, but for making "massages" no care. It's now corrected for the next time, you monster. 😛 Sex workers can be nerve
  19. In the sexysxenos/gfx/portraits/portraits you will find the text files containing the list of the pictures, the files tell to the game where are the pictures and where to use them. These files look like this: "the list with locations of the pictures" (you don't need to touch it) portrait group = game setup = "list of all pics of this species" species = "list of pics used to represent the species in the species menu" pop = "list of pics for the p
  20. Suddenly, an update! The main mod and the trait and more for 2.2 are upgraded. I add one new, but not so new, big portrait set with a few portraits from almost every existing ssx species with a few additional rare space waifu ( totaling 323 portraits). 2 upgrades for the pleasuring garden ( I do their techs an other time ), 2 civics, 3 traits but one cuted, many tweaks and corrections and replaced arts. Have fun.🥐
  21. The patch for Species Engineering is done and in the patch archive.
  22. Would be a good idea to have it be a part of the compilation, especially traits and buildings. The rest (images) would probably be better separate SSX remain independent and supported. I make the mods compatible with the Lithia's project when it's out, at least to avoid identical traits. ✂️ I am still working on the mods, a few. No additional species are officially planed, the collection is already quite comfortable. And difficult to upload but it's my fault, it's best quality or nothing. ?
  23. My mods do nothing to the leader recruitment. It's a new bug with an unknown origin for me. Not planned. It's not my kind of stuff, i dislike to search and edit the male portraits and they are abnormally rare.
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