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Perkus Maximus Increasingly broken


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Over the months since Tendo declared his mods done and left modding perma has had a steadily increasing number of things breaking. for me the first thing was the blight spell which was a favorite of mine when playing a paladin.  It just stopped working, still consumed magicka but had no other effect. most recently the harvest perk in conjuration stopped working making perma style necromancer unplayable. the option to harvest while crouching came up,  i selected it and nothing happened. completely re installed skyrim, mod organizer and all my mods and its still broken.  i guess what im asking is does anyon know of any unnoficial updates or something?

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If you have any mods that fuck up save tables like Legacy of the Fuck Your Save Table, Immersive PaTrolls Your Save, or Duel, Where's My Strings, called actives and constant passives like spells and perks will be the first things to go.


In addition running Perma with a full 255 esp list is probably not a good idea either over the coiurse of a full playthough. 200 or so should be your limit.

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