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  1. I agree, I appreciate that Lithia made the basics work again but the rest can wait until RL calms down a bit.
  2. Mods like that usually don't stop working unless something major changes with the way populations work. Try it with that one, odds are it's fine.
  3. Is it possible to change a slave's sliders in looksmenu and have them stay? I can change hair and face but overlays and changing sliders never stick. I tried this before and gave up after a while, would like to know for sure though.
  4. I am having an issue where the throat clips through the body. Collision detection on the vag does not seem to be working either. Body physics while moving works fine though and there are no other issues I have seen. Any ideas what I did wrong? I built the body in bodyslide, I have fusion girl and zaz extended skeleton with nothing overwriting it. I am a bit stumped. Edit: Would having a slightly outdated version of fusion girl do it? I think I had 1.75 installed and did not notice there was an update for it.
  5. Yeaah I avoid AWKCR now, there is just so much unnecessary stuff added that I don't care about in that mod. Seriously why power armor paints added to the levelled lists? I don't care about that... Just wanted better armor functionality. To the OP, I am not entirely sure on whether I need those update.esps or not. I am starting a new game, are they only for updating the mod mid playthrough? Or do I still need them?
  6. Anyone know what the helmet and armor in this is from?
  7. Alright, I will stick to the non beta version then. Thanks for the answer.
  8. Is that so? I wonder if there is some conflict with the Navi armor then because without the suit from this mod or the one from Navi it switched to the default power armor frame.
  9. Just to be 100% clear, exactly which version of AAF family planning do I need for the update? This mod says I need the most recent one, but on the page for that mod it says not to use the beta version for WDF. I also see that this mod was updated more recently than that one though, does that mean that the beta version is working now?
  10. Is it possible to wear the armor without the pilot suit for.... uhh... research purposes? I even tried using a nude outfit from the navi armor mod which apparently uses the same script to swap the frame model, and it shows the character in the nude at first then switches to wearing the pilot suit.
  11. That's fine, I've been switching over to fusion girl. I probably should have sooner but I have used CBBE for so long I just got used to it. So I have been doing a bunch of cbbe-fusion girl conversions on outfits that did not have em already. Congrats on releasing the one thing that finally got me to switch over
  12. So I switched to fusion girl bodies from cbbe and the pregnancy morphs do not seem to be active. I did switch to fusion girl body type in the mcm but character no longer appears pregnant. I can change the morph in looks menu so it definitely should be working. Does it just not work until the next pregnancy or did I miss something?
  13. I think one of these might be the closest you can get. Can't change it mid animation but you can equip the item or use mcm to switch before you start the scene at least. Edit: I just saw the op already posted in the aaf gender select mod thread, how did that one work out? I have not really done much with the futa content in FO4 yet and those were the mods I was looking at for it.
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