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    I am a Dracophile, (essentially someone who finds dragons extremely sexy) and a gamer (big surprise there.) I am also an atheist. currently my biggest goal is to become a blacksmith and I am working on making this childhood dream a reality.

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  1. Solved the problem. It was caused by real handcuffs, reinstalled it with the lite version so it wouldn't try to auto convert the vanilla handcuffs and now it my game doesn't crash there.
  2. i know sailing rebel and madmansgun's animations do. was hoping to find more.
  3. are these animations made compatible with beast races or do tails just clip horribly like most animations?
  4. Do these animations support argonians or do tails just impale the aggressors?
  5. Does anyone know if there is a list of animation packs that currently animate beast race tails to keep them from clipping through their partners? want to do an argonian playthrough but cant stand how the tail just impales whoever happens to be behind them. also would like to know if there is a way to force only beast race friendly animations to play.
  6. well i uninstalled and reinstalled all mods. seemed to fix it until i tried my old saves. after that new games crashed in the same place. to top it all off i re broke the body mods i had running so i think im done. no longer have the will to work on this any more today.
  7. well i have culled a few mos from my list. Is Resaver some kind of save fixer? im looking through it now
  8. I have a guaranteed CTD east of diamond city/back street apparel. Dont know whats causing it or where to start looking. im guessing its a conflict between some of my mods as it happens on my alt and new saves. I am Using MO2, i cleaned the base game files with fo4edit and frequently sort with LOOT. Any assistance would be appreciated, in the mean time i will be doing the disable/launch thing to try and narrow it down. plugins.txt
  9. Nothing changes in game unless i install the prebuilt meshes. so either i have ugly vanilla clothes or my characters breasts triple in size when i put something on.
  10. The games i know of with avali mods are starbound, spore, rimworld and stellaris. was hoping to find more games where avali are present. Games including adult content are a bonus but not necessary. Anyone kno of some?
  11. well after scouring the web and installing as many of the fixes as i could locate i rarely get the black screen, thanks for the assistance
  12. those work in SSE? i didnt think they did so i never installed them.
  13. exactly which fixes are you referring to? i got some but i might be missing one.
  14. I am frequently getting a black screen when i try to load a save file . it seems to load fine but as soon as its finished loading i cant see anything but can hear the ambient music. on a save where i had a bound sword equipped i heard the spell activate as well. doesn't always happen, sometime i can get in but its annoying having to close the game in task manager 4+ times to get in once. Couldn't find any solutions online for SSE so im posting here in the hopes that someone knows what causes this and a possible fix.,
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