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-Mod Idea- Mimics in Skyrim

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So gg77 has a werewolf replacer that is a mimic, and I think the idea could be expanded upon. I thought it'd be cool to do like Mihail does and use existing creature animations to make new monsters... namely, taking the gargoyles reveal animation to transform from being just a randomly placed treasure chest, to being a monster. Make adventurers wary of going for every chest in the game.




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Actually, that is something my team (we are the authors of beasts of tamriel) are planning on.  We've just run into a few issues irl and haven't had time to work on it.  We should have in our next update to the Beasts of Tamriel mod, a version of werevultures that have functioning wings, new clannfear, and elytras, just to name a few.

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