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Crashing Game

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So I was in CAS and went to exit and my game crashed. It's crashed the last three times I've played it though usually during me trying to save it. Anyway, this is the last crash I got and I'm not sure if anyone can help me. I do know that I've seen the "Libpython335.dylib" before during other crashes. I've got a lot of mods and cc so I'm fairly certain that's the issue. I just can't figure out what it is.


Running the most current Sims 4 patch. Most current WW, MCCC, and all other mods.


I get the feeling it's probably a cc issue. But like I said, I just can't figure out what cc is causing the problem. And to go through them one by one would literally take eons. :confused:



I also attached the last exception that I got during this game. Maybe that's got more in it? I'm not sure.


Thanks all!




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As Vengeance said, it's most likely CC furniture. For whatever reason, every update breaks custom furniture like counters, bookshelves, etc. In the future, delete all custom furniture and don't download any new ones unless they're confirmed to be compatible with the latest patch.

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Okie dokie. So, I went through and deleted all/almost all of any furniture cc. Went into CAS, managed to exit. Then went to save and the game crashed mid save.

This is the crash txt I got this time. Thoughts?

I looked through it and tried to understand it but all I'm seeing is build signature unknown and also a Foundation error?

I don't have any foundation ccs so I'm not sure what that could possibly be.


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2 hours ago, Gamergamer1701 said:

Oh sweet! Okay will do. I'm not particularly attached to any cc furniture I've got. So that's fine. Thank you guys so much for your help! <3

you can fix all cc furniture that needed to fix using sims4studio.


1.36 update made some cc counter, sofa, love seat etc etc broken

1.37 update made some cc table broken and certain cc objects (http://sims4studio.com/thread/11416)


fix it using sims4studio and you are good to go

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