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  1. Honestly, the only Sims game anyone wants is a hybrid between 2 and 4 with just a few aspects of 3 thrown in.
  2. I'm not sure if this is a goof with WW itself or not, but the climax for the "Bent next to seat" animation applies the cum to the penetrating partner instead of the receiving partner.
  3. A lot of game developers (most infamously Ubisoft) sink all of the game's budget into high end CGI trailers that aren't representative of the actual game and leaves no money for the actual development of the product.
  4. Would there ever be a conversation option for Sims to talk about how good or bad the sex they've recently had was?
  5. It wouldn't be an EA update without bugs. Lots and lots of bugs. In the meantime, EA recommend disabling the game audio before you boot the game up.
  6. You shouldn't be using penis or tongue rigs because they're included in WW by default.
  7. WW doesn't support Legacy Edition. You need to download the Legacy version. https://wickedwhimsmod.com/legacy
  8. Some traits only come with certain expansion packs, not just mods.
  9. Right now, all of the vaginal climax animations play out with the female taking the internal cumshot without a problem. Is there any animators out there who could create an animation where the female is angry at it? For example, they could be doing doggy and when he cums inside her, she angrily pulls away and feels at her crotch with an angry "did you just cum in me?" expression. Or they're doing cowgirl and she starts hitting him while trying to climb off of him.
  10. My obligatory Halloween post. Victoria, stressed due to her demanding job as a Doctor, takes up an offer to attend a Spooky Day costume party hosted by a friend of a friend who knows a guy. She goes all out with her sexy nurse costume, but the party is lame and she's only staying for the free beer. She then finds someone who is as drunk and bored as she is and they end up upstairs having their own party. A few weeks later, she is at work when she puts 2 and 2 together.
  11. Wonderful Whims is most likely what WW Lite was supposed to be. It has all of Wicked Whims' features minus the nudity and sex.
  12. Yes. Delete the Denton47_Rigs file and any file called NANDONG (along with a file called "customtonguemesh1/2" if they're there) These are files that WW includes by default and you don't need them. You should also clean up your mods folder by putting all related files into one folder. (so put the Turbodriver files in a folder called WW, your WW animations in a folder called WW animations, any body related mods in a folder called Body Mods etc) It will keep your mods folder nice and tidy and make it easier to find and remove mods that are broken. You should delete the localthumb
  13. You'll want to delete the Denton47 (and going by the floating tongue, the autobanned) rig files. WW includes them by default, so you don't need to download them separately.
  14. I always find myself drifting back to Sims 2 and sometimes even 3. The plentiful abundance of content they provided in the older games was worth the money they charged back then. The watered down DLC for Sims 4 is nothing but a joke compared to them.
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