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    Pregnancy CAS options

    There actually already is a mod for this! And as of my game (fully updated as of 11/30) it still works. But you do have to select the option of "Both" in CAS. I don't have a link to the original file, but it's Bub's both options V4. I attached the file down below (hope that's okay). bubBothOption_V4.package
  2. Gamergamer1701

    Death during childbirth mod?

    Oh cool thanks!
  3. Gamergamer1701


    Hm okay, thanks! I'll give this a shot. Hopefully it works!
  4. Gamergamer1701

    LoveBelow SkyrimFantansies *Vertical* Diphallia

    This is awesome! Thank you so much as always. I can't wait for this to be a selectable option through WW.
  5. I would actually love a version that wasn't from a heterosexual point of view. It's a shame that there's no way to make it fully inclusive.
  6. Gamergamer1701


    Thanks! I'll give that a shot!
  7. Gamergamer1701

    Yaoi Bara Gay Wall Painting Collection Set

    Thankfully most of what's on there gets uploaded over here or vice-versa after a while. So it's not horrendous. There's some other stuff over there that's not here but nothing like spectacular IMO.
  8. Gamergamer1701

    Yaoi Bara Gay Wall Painting Collection Set

    Hang on! I actually have the same issue because Dine Out was one of the few packages I don't have. Anyway, you can get this through sexysims's website. Now idk what packs they used to remake this but it was actually a request of mine bc I loved the art so much. So here's the direct link to it over on that site: http://sexysims.info/download.php?t=176076 And here's the dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jzfj6lpok8504ln/AAAJ3CW-XlmfxkM53DxMvZOea?dl=0 While the names of the users are different, this looks like it's the same pack so I think it's by the same person. Hopefully all of this is okay. Not trying to create a weird competition between sites or anything lol
  9. Gamergamer1701


    Weird, my game is up to date too and it doesn't work for me.
  10. Gamergamer1701

    Death during childbirth mod?

    Ooooh, interesting. Thanks! I'll have to check it out. I see that there's high conflict chances with it though so I'll have to see if it plays nice with my game.
  11. Okay, so I was wondering if there's a mod that exists that allows sims to die during childbirth? Not the babies really...though that might be interesting, but based on how the game handles babies I doubt that's a possibility. But I was thinking more-so the sim giving birth. I really just want to use it for storytelling and I'm not even remotely sure if it's possible or not. But I figured hey, if we've got miscarriage options now (thanks turbo!) then why not this? Has anyone come across it or is this a little too...advanced of a request?
  12. Gamergamer1701

    WickedWork_PreAlpha0.02 (A freelance wicked career)

    Oh that's true. I didn't look at it like that. Good point!
  13. Gamergamer1701

    WickedWork_PreAlpha0.02 (A freelance wicked career)

    Not to argue or anything but Nisa's most recent update on Patreon has a prostitution part built into it now. And it's pretty cool, I'm using it myself. Very worth it. And I think the issue people are having is that the mod creator for this has basically gone radio silent. Which can be kind of disheartening for people. It's an awesome mod in concept and all (I never could get it to work--cons of being on a Mac) so I hope they do come back and work on it more. I know other people will be very interested in it still.
  14. Hey, so I posted on the actual download page about a week or two ago about this mod (https://www.loverslab.com/topic/72752-sims-4-morecum/) but didn't hear anything. I think the latest patch broke this mod for me, does anyone have an update? Or does anyone know if Dofman is still around to do an update? I've gotten so used to having this in game that it's weird without it. lol If I knew how to update it myself I'd give it a shot, but it's also someone else's work and I'd rather not jump in. @Dofman, is there an update please?
  15. Gamergamer1701

    Sex doll animation

    Nothing yet it would seem.