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  1. Eyyy, you made best lesbians! Maybe I’ll give Odette and Grace a shot. P.S. Eve is best girl.
  2. Hey, I stopped using NPCC due to some issues I was having with it. In other news, I’m sorry I haven’t been as active. I’ve been out of town for a while, and I’ve been busy with some other stuff. I’ll try to get something done by the end of the week.
  3. So I forgot to change my settings for MCCC in my low graphics settings file, and uh... It looks like Nancy's got some explaining to do. 😬
  4. Thanks dude! I'm actually putting together a save file with a bunch of madeover sims, and the hair I'm currently using for Judith Ward causes a texture error in her household thumbnail.
  5. Yo, where’d you get that hair? It looks straight up just like an alpha version of the game’s hairstyle. That’s a great makeover, by the way.
  6. @snowdog04 That's some picturesque-ass shit right there, son.
  7. I was going for more of a tomboy aesthetic, but I guess those two things don't need to be mutually exclusive lol. Anyway, I finally got around to finishing the Behr household! Sorry if it took longer than expected, I've got a lot of reading to do for school. I've also been getting really into DnD lately. That shit might be nerdy as fuck, but goddamn is it fun. Oh right, the lookbook. Here ya go: I also edited their house to accommodate their new roommate: Lastly, I got started on the Partyhaus household: Stay tuned for more!
  8. Eva's thoughts: Ugh, I'm so hot and bored...
  9. I just read through this thread and I gotta say, this is pretty amazing! I am personally going to wait until this mod is more complete and you crush the majority of any bugs because my laptop is a potato, but I'm definitely looking forward to a complete version. Keep up the great work!
  10. Wow. I think I might be done with TS4. It's been 6 years since this game came out, and it's been nothing but disappointments and lame excuses. Every returning feature from a previous game is just an inferior, watered down clone of its predecessors. Babies are still just objects, sims have no unique personalities and all feel like the same person, relationships have no depth, emotions are useless, skin tones are ugly, black hair is blue-tinted, we don't have color wheels for anything in the base game, there are still no burglars, and we got firefighters and repomen added to the base game six goddamn years after release. TS3 might have the ugliest sims in the main series, but at least there's a good game in there. TS4's only saving grace is that it's good for designing lots and sims. Gameplay wise, it sucks. It just aggressively sucks.
  11. You do need GtW for strip clubs to work. I think it say that on Turbo’s website.
  12. Finished the Bjergsen household! For anyone wondering where Sofia is, she's part of the Behr household in PBW 2.0. Speaking of which, I'm nearly done with them! I just need to finish the rest of Candy's outfits and then I'll be ready to post their lookbooks.
  13. That's the plan, actually. The backstory I'm giving Sofia is that she's always dreamed of being a famous musician, but her parents never supported her and did everything they could to discourage her from doing that. When they realized that Elsa was more academically inclined, Bjorn and Clara switched from chiding Sofia for her dreams to just blatantly insulting and belittling her for not being like her little sister. After dealing with that for several more years, Elsa not once sticking up for her older sister, Sofia decided that enough was enough and left her parents' house to live with her best friend Candy Behr. Together, Sofia and Candy would form an EDM group (kinda like Nero or Krewella) with Candy as the producer and DJ, and Sofia as the vocalist.
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