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ok, all the cool people are having download threads for their experimental, small ideas.


...I was just bored of making stuff just for my self, and most of the stuff i'm doing comes from deviant art... and alot of them seam to be all like "no erotica, no editng no redistribution" x:


I'll hopefully update this once in a while.. but probably not, so.....


here you go



1. skull diaper +



skull diaper.nif


...after picking up Pokemon after a long time,  I saw a cute pokemon with a macabre sense of fashion, vullaby,  I was inspired, so I made a skull diaper... and then kept on making...


there will probably be some errors, I may try to fix if I can.




Exnem for the original EyeCandy body.
RAIAR for the Hentai Gentleman Eye Candy body.

Bethesda for skull mesh



2.Don't be a Richard Nixon, big cock, and show off your pecker!

(golden idol not included)



cock penis 2.nif

cock head.nif


 "buh-CAWK!" *sparkle* *sparkle*

credits: Hepsy http://hepsy.blog.fc2.com/

requires: LAPF (or at least the skeleton)


3.( i'm not sure what if i'm allowed to do this, but the website i got the originals from seemed pretty modder-positive)

Frankie foster and Mandy hair

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Looks cool on loading it into nifskope though it seems to have 3 spots that have a weight painting issue. The diaper and the 2 shoulder pieces. Other then the stretching everything else looks good.





Yeah I port a lot of stuff from deviant art for skyrim but it's for my player.

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2 hours ago, myuhinny said:

3 spots that have a weight painting issue.


ok, messed around with mesh rigger and uploaded a fixed mesh (I actually can't waight paint, I just figured out how to get meshrigger to rig just about any object)

2 hours ago, Shadowhawk827 said:

That's got potential.  A non skimpy person could have that over something like ebony (one of the more form fitting variations) and make for awesome death knight type armor.

I sure hope it inspires someone, that's what I love about modding, the give and take, the sharing of skills and ideas to go further than a single individual could ever go!

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