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No Baby


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I'm using the Beeing Female 2.7 I have everything, my women npc have menstrual cycle, can get pregnant, but at the end of the pregnancy cycle ... there is no baby. :confused:

The same is happening with version 2.8 (I did not like it, many of the options are no longer available) .

What is going on?

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You would have to post your load order so that people can see what you have installed so that they can see if there might be something that is causing it. What mod manager are you using MO or NMM? If you are using MO is there anything listed in the conflict tab? Did you install everything through MO if you are using it?

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Hello ... always with the Mod Organizer, I learned very early to always use it.


Mods for Pregnancy:
Beeing Female
2,7 version

Knocked Up


FlowerGirls_1_6_4Beeing Female.

I can check my papyrus, but I have no idea where he is in Mod Organizer nor how to open it

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2 hours ago, msposse said:

No it was not, but I activated it now, I thought that by just playing with male pc, I did not have to be with it activated .

It is one must to have that options on, if you impregnate one female and those are NPC and if you dont tell the mod what it should deliver then it will be one empty poop.

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