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WCIF Adult-Themed Scultures


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I saw some time ago sculptures with erected penises but I forgot the name of the site, I think that it may be pandorasims but now the adult section is for suscriptors-only and considering it's history I don't want to spend money on a site that rip off of other people creations. So I have been wondering if anyone knows where can I find them or anything similar (anything adult-themed really, but not Penises scultures please)

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Make your own sculptures!


You will need Nraas MC and debugenabler here, poseplayer here, preferably also the poseplayer-addon here, and of course poses (there is a ton out there-google it) . I assume you already have body mods; so that you can make your statues al naturelle.


Place the poseplayer in a room (found in decorations/misc), click your poseplayer and select the pose you want. pause game. click your sim, find nraas/debugenabler/sculpturise (or something like that-my game is not in english). Select material (I think you will have more options if you are good at sculpting-no idea). unpause game and you have a sculpture :) easy!


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6 hours ago, Caged_Fenrir said:

maraas that sounds interesting but won't I lose my sim? 


Danragon01 lol I don't want erected penis sculptures xD

No, you will not loose your sim. It just makes a sculpture of him/her. all cc you add (antlers, wings whatever) will also show up on the sculpture so there are quite alot of nice statues you can make..) With the OMSP resizer here (you also need this) you can make the statues bigger or smaller , put them on pedestals etc etc. Go have fun

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