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  1. I used to read one of your posts about KW tutorial, time to time, where you showed your folders and gave links to several mods it used to be pinned on top of sims 3. Anyway long story short I can't find it now and I'm wondering if it was deleted?

    1. maraas


      Is this the one you were thinking about?:



      Not sure if it is outdated, as I have not played the game for a long time.

      Cheers Maraas



  2. CASPartCache.package compositorCache.pasckage scriptCache.package simCompositorCache.package Those are the cache files to delete. My resource.cfg looks like this:
  3. You will have to check your resource.cfg to see if it does actually give override folder priority Regarding your question about replacing your KW files. Just delete the kw-files you have now and install the updated ones.
  4. If you open your mods folder you will see this: You could just transfer(cut/paste) your entire KW-folder into overrides. Your overrides-folder should have higher priority. If that helps, you can assume that there is a conflict with KW in your game. Also make sure your nraas mods are updated. And as a rule-always delete cache whenever you have done changes to your sims 3 folder If that doesn`t help, you could take a screenshot of your mods, and maybe someone will notice what is wrong Hope you`ll solve it.
  5. Do you have any other mods that might interfere with kinky? (/AW/passion or nraas woohooer for instance?) Or some mod that might interfere with books/computers? You could try to transfer all the packages from KW into overrides-folder, delete cachefiles and see if that helps. Also try to delete your computers/bookshelves ingame and buy new ones. Sometimes that helps...
  6. maraas

    ImpHeels Gala Wedges

    oh lol. Guess I learn something everyday. I thought wedges was when the sole was raised They do look good though-wedge or no wedge.
  7. maraas

    ImpHeels Gala Wedges

    Have to say those wedges looks very nice for the more casual outfits. Thanks for making them.
  8. Does other mods besides KW work for you? If not you probably have a problem with your framework (mods/packages/resource file) If other mods do work try putting your kw-files in overrides to see if there might be a conflict preventing kw to work Hope that works
  9. maraas

    Passion or kinky?

    Kw is a heavy mod to run. Many experience lag and pauses. It takes a bit more to make it run fine and it conflicts with some nraas-mods if you like to use those. But if you like the open world concept it has several lot options like school, and it also has kinks like peeping/rape/whoring/beastiality/teens. Those need to be enabled in settings to work, so if you don`t like it don`t turn it on. School and other things are still work in progress, and the mod (if you`re not on patreon) is updated only every 6 months or so. Passion is an easier mod. Not so tough on your computer, hence will give less lag and easier to use. Passion has some more objects for basic woohoo, and it is updated quite often. The creator of the mod is also helpful and answers pretty fast if you need help. I have two sims3 folders, that I switch between. One for KW and one for passion.
  10. maraas

    Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    it is first page of this topic. SimJMfan aw to kw conversions.
  11. maraas

    Passion [Requires patch level 1.63+]

    animated penis sounds awesome! I`d really like to see an animation for slapping someone with a schlong in the face