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  1. Sweet! I will look out for the next local SSD sale and get right to it. My old SSD has been acting up lately and it's about time.
  2. By jumping to the Apple ship, I meant that I will get myself a SSD dedicated to MacOS as a devotee of the Church of Flying Spaghetti Monster. I'll show'em cooperate landlubbers a piece of my mind. Arrrgh!
  3. I'm so envious right now. I'm tired of my slow and glitched Sims 3. Last night I found out that my Sims 3 was broken by an unknown script error that prevents me from clicking any sim. If EA doesn't release PC 64 bit version by the end of next May, I may have to jump to the Apple ship for 1st time in my life.
  4. Nice outfit! I have a similar one but it's a simple re-texture of common swimsuit, which is interior to yours with new mesh.
  5. The scarcity of milk farm related mods in FO4 is surprising. On the bright side, this saves me some file space. 1. Wasteland Dairy Framework- Basic Framework 2. AAF Family Planning Enhanced- Bring more lives to the Wasteland apart from milk. 3. AAF Prostitution- Keep them occupied when they are not lactating or sleeping. 4. New milking and devious costumes + WDF pasties/bottles replacer 1.0.2- Gotta dressed for the job
  6. 1.Milk Mod Economy- Base Frame Work 2. Being a Cow- Morph for Hucow 3. Martial Milk- Turn your and your followers' milk jugs into lethal cannons. No more useless jiggling and sloshing. 4. Milk Addict- Turn milk into addictive sustenance, along with other accessories in the future. 5. Mobile Milker Armor- For more adventurous cowgirls 6. SexLab Hentai Pregnancy SE- For immersion 8. Simple Slavery Plus SE- When followers are not enough for milk production...
  7. Yeah! I got it fixed! It turns out that my handbag is a glitched old version from second-handed source because downloading from here one by one was too much of a hassle for me. My downloader add-on can't work on LL here, which is why I resorted to second-handed source for quick automated download. Now I have to cleanse them all and download every file one by one. If only we could have an All-in-One zip file...
  8. What other CC items do I have on? Let me think... I modified the model in the screenshot from a Maxis template directly given by CAS when I first clicked New Game button. I chose the first base-game face preset and change the skin and hair. Then I added the hand bag and the mesh top before I discovered the problem. Finally I tried to change skin to see if it helps, but none of that works. So I can't recall if there is any CC broke my game in this process. Damn me, now I have go through thousands of my CC files to hunt down the culprit. Thanks for the reply though.
  9. I would like to report a visual bug: the handbag is not compatible with this mesh top made by Nitropanic. I can only choose between missing body or missing content in the bag. Although I don't have every mesh top done by the same author, I suspect the problem should also exist. It would be great if this can be fixed ASAP, this handbag goes great with a street hooker outfit that I just came up with.
  10. Marked so I can be notified when the Milking Update arrives. Right now my founder of super porn star family needs more avenues of profit for the mansion and the brothel of her dream. I look forward the day when I can sell/gift sweaty underwear online and do whatever I want with bodily fluids like breast milk and squirt. Right now we can order, drink or inject cum under Nisa's WP mod. I wish we can take a step further by allowing us to collect, drink or even cook dessert with these fluids, in addition to adding attributes like "Hucow"(increase milk production) and "Juicy"(
  11. @Patriguz Wow! Can I ask for the sources or links of those dancer CC? My Lucky Palms Strip Club needs those for the thematic event of desert night.
  12. Thank you for sharing the variant of the bunny suit that I have always been longing for. Now I just need an accessory tuxedo top to complete the magician outfit of my dreams.
  13. Yes! Finally you came... up with the ultimate version. Although the side face and nostrils can use more coverage and oozing, everything else is perfect. Thank you and have a nice year!
  14. Allow me to tag this thread so that I will be informed should the super ultimate cum bath version emerge.
  15. Oh come on~! I know you can do better than that. The waist can always be adjusted by sliders if you don't like it, but the seam can only be fixed by reducing default waist girth. I'm doing a new storytelling challenge and the seams are jarring on screenshots every time. Think of the beautiful perfection on your models if your Medbod can mix along with EA default parts!
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