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ctd at load or new game

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It's better to start new game with minimal amount of active mods - turn on only vital for character creation mods like XPMSE, racemenu and other "visual" mods.

All other script heavy mods should be activated after your character creation is finished - and for more stability be better to activate them not all simultaneously, but by 7-10 at once.

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23 hours ago, Andy14 said:

The countless "missing file" log's in your Papyrus.log indicate that mods have been installed incorrectly or incompletely.
Scripts in the wrong folder or the script folder in the wrong directory - is often the cause.
And for the load order you should use LOOT.

i do use loot, but im unsure which mods could be the culprits. i also have autoghosting active on wrye bash

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