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  1. I could be nice if you did it once. But three times on one page is just too much for me 😃 It's a general rule for most forums on the internet: to post massive content under spoilers, if spoiler tag exist. Like, washing your hands or greeting people IRL. Nobody likes to scroll through threads for content. And this is a good tone for moderators to fix stuff after "such new users", if they don't know how to use the forum engine. P.s. you can also edit your posts by clicking the (...) button above it, by the way.
  2. Use spoilers, goddamnit. Perhaps moderators are needed here so that they can correct the posts of such users?
  3. In order for you to hit "done" and everything would work, someone else had to set up a base for it first 😃 Make an armor conversion and necessary files. And this is where OutfitStudio is used. Since the body in the mod is quite unusual, I tried to make the process as easy as possible by dividing everything into several independent objects and projects (including full-body). Just find a manual on how to use OutfitStudio to make conversions, and instead of the existing references (CBBE, UUNP, etc.) load the .xml files that I created.
  4. I don't think you need this. It's for LE. But I am not competent in physics-related stuff because I didn't play enough in SE before leaving Skyrim. For sure, the mod will work with "CBPC - Physics with Collisions for SSE and VR" - which I tested. Not sure what you need to do for making it work with the more complex HDT-physics systems. In my experience, it should work "out of the box" if you installed everything correctly. You can try waiting for responses from other users here or ask about it on my Discord.
  5. It should work with any HDT, I think. Not sure about the 3bbbp presets because the body and skeleton just don't have extra breast and butt bones. Physics preset is for LE only. And it has been removed from the SE package.
  6. It's a complex thing 😃 Using it on top of existing races even more complex. Because all NPCs of said race sharing same body.
  7. Yes. But not in order to get money from it 😃 Also, keep in mind, this is a modification of the UUNP body.
  8. It's a complex thing. You need textures. I made some .psd files long time ago for beast races support, you can find them here or on my discord. You need to change the head shape. Or you'll get terrible seam. I made some sliders for different conversions (including heads), but for using them you need some knowledge in OutfitStudio. Same for arms, since beast races uses different models (with claws). And you need to know how races works in general - for putting all stuff together. Especially if you want to make new separate races. Look for tutorials on nexus.
  9. And that would be same as making a new addon. Well, except that you don't replace the esp file. The thing with spells looks more interesting, but it will need to develop texture-swapping system for the NPCs too, not just for the player. And it's even better to make it automatic. In this case, it will be less time consuming to create a new addon. And as you mentioned skinning... This will be another problem. Together with collisions.
  10. Actually, you have no choice here. Only to make it as separate addon. Because of the normal maps. Even if you deform the mesh, the light will still reflect as from the original object - because Skyrim uses object-space normal maps for characters bodies and parts. In Fallout, it would work (because of tangent-space normals). But not in Skyrim.
  11. Greetings Azazellz, I am a great fan of your Skyrim Amazon mods. Any chance of you doing similar stuff in Fallout 4?

    1. Azazellz


      If there is a chance, then it is very low.

      I have no plans to play or mod Fallout 4 anytime soon.

    2. maniacal_d


      I understand. Thanks for replying. 👍

  12. Azazellz


    Nope. Shape keys are only used to customize the face (and Sheks horns, including body horns). At least in vanilla. In mods, you can also use them to change the body complitelly, but they do not work with armor. so that means clipping. Just try changing the geometry of your model to be as close to the original body as possible.
  13. Azazellz


    "Green Green Green + Red" You just take the Red channel from the default normal and place it in the Alpha channel. Then you copy the Green channel to Red and Blue. And save the results. Use GIMP or Photoshop for this, IIRC Paint.Net don't handle channels properly. This usually works, but sometimes you need to invert the green or red channel to match the Kenshi scheme. Because different games use different normal map formats and channels. If you made a mistake somewhere, it will be visible in the game. The shadows on the character that appear due to the normals will not match the direction of the light.
  14. Azazellz


    Normal maps. Check channel order and colour inversion.
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