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  1. For Special Edition all mesher of your mod (.nif files) should be converted to SE, as well as .esp file. And, of course, you should have XPMSSE (skeleton for SE) installed, as well as HDT version for SE.
  2. I can't see any skeleton files in your mod, so you should add XPMSE and HDT into requirements.
  3. Also, some time ago default search changed from "sort by date" to "sort by relevancy". And re-sorting start another search, which have 15 sec cooldown. P.s. oh, and when I enter to private messages with any user, interface show me very first message in conversation, but not last as before. It's only for me?
  4. I know only static poses, not animations.
  5. Well, when I planned to make it - it should be something like xenomorph from "Alien". Or even xenomorph-queen... But you never know where you will go when armor-making process begin =) P.s. this armors was made from chaurus-flyer meshes, so I still have common one for upcoming armors =)
  6. New update here! New armor sets in "Armor" mod - Skaal, Falmer, Falmer Heavy and 2 variants of "Chaurus" armor. One new weapon - "Scorpion GreatAxe". No changes in "Race" mod. No updates for Special Edition version.
  7. For making similar stuff for F4 I need tool for ingame tweaking skeleton proportions. LooksMenu do not have such functions right now.
  8. Main problem with mod like this is vampire lord skeleton. Without a specially modified skeleton, the characters with Amazon body do not look like I planned when creating a race.
  9. Best way - use "Custom Races" mod from nexus. Your "Custom Orc" will use textures of your choise, and all other orcs will stay untouched.
  10. Allright, some teasers for new armors which I made in last couple of weeks (been so busy...) For now new armors will be realesed with "armored circlets". Skaal "coat" (maybe I should made separate hood for it?..) And falmer stuff - common and heavy Oh, and this one for people who asked to make "more covering" armor I will not show another variant of this armor, but it will have wings and different pauldrons design. And one more thing - I think about new mod conception, for all those kinds of race variants ("light", "default", "combat" and "mage" variants) in one single .esp file. But it will require fresh game start (and this part is holding me for making this new mod variant).
  11. Console commands works always. If something didn't work - then, you'll using wrong command. Try to click on player when console open and write "getav weaponspeedmult" and "getav leftweaponspeedmult" (when character did not have any weapon equipped and PowerWithin is deactivated). Starting attack speed for "Default" race version is 1.15 and for "Light" version it 1.10. So you need to adjust your stats by "modav" command. For example, if you have 3.15 for your "weaponspeedmult" stat, you should use command like this "modav weaponspeedmult -2". And, again, if you use any mods that changes character attack speed - they will conflict with my mod.
  12. I'm stuck exactly at this part =) Make UV for such high poly shape seamless... I just gave up at some point. Or you can simply mark on the mod page what these are modders resources, and they can be used and changed in any way. I think it's a better way to share your good work with LL community.
  13. I also tried to tweak UV from your high poly model to the basic schlong model, but without success. This task is just too complicated for my skills =) I think this is because you placed it only in one place - here. If instead you added your model as a new mod to the mods section - I think it would be downloaded by more people.
  14. Aaaand... I returned from my voyage to the pirate seas =) At fresh game start I can't confirm any bugs with attack speed. All works fine. Walking and running animations also work fine. But! My mod will conflict with almost any mod, which change attack speed (via perks or magic effects). So, only one solution here is change attack speed with console commands. P.s. I found strange bug with main mod installer - instead of installing mod as usual, NMM creates many sub-folders in Data folder, with names of subfolders from installer directory, but without first letter. Armor mod installs correctly, but main mod have this strange issue. Can someone confirm this?