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  1. Just make another version of this outfit by changing only geometry. Shape order, vertices weights, vertices count and order should be exactly same between _1 and _0 versions. Personally I prefer to use BodySlide for making _1 (or _0) outfit variants.
  2. Well, BB is a console exclusive, and modders learned how to unpack archives of this game not so long ago.... I would not be too much hoping for a weapon from this game. It do not have direct ports from BB, only BB-inspired weapons and armors, which Vicn made from scratch.
  3. It looks like this file determines the distortion. I tried to use several different files from different animation mods, and the distortions looked different. Looks so. Even google can't find anything related to this bug =)
  4. Thanks, I'll fix it a little later. Also I'll fix version mismatch in armor's fomod file. You mean passive stance animation or combat 2h power attacks? Passive stance is 2hm_idle (greatswords) and 2hw_idle (2h maces and axes). All 2h power attack placed in separate FNIS folder - "2_Powerattcks" P.s. it would be nice if someone could explain to me why when using 2h axe or 2h mace after some time the character's walking animation with the un-sheathed weapon becomes distorted.
  5. https://gamer-mods.ru/load/tes_v_skyrim/bronja_dlja_cbbe_unp_7b_adec/hdt_pricheska_i_3_mecha_senui/11-1-0-5957 Russian port of Senua hairstyle (and gear) from Hellblade.
  6. Changing light source parameters

    Well, it was interesting to read, but, unfortunately, my problem can not be solved in this way.
  7. Changing light source parameters

    This is exactly the way I called "the wrong way." Instead of changing the parameters of single light source, we create many sources and switch between them. My goal was to create one light source (for player self-light spell) and change its parameters using scripts, but it seems that this is impossible. Well, maybe it's possible to change the light source attached to the magic effect (via scripts)? It goes under "Assoc. Item 1" for magic effect. Or, at least, change magic effect, attached to spell? Create one magic effect or one spell - it's easier than creating a lot of spells, each with its own light source.
  8. Changing light source parameters

    Too complicated for me. Not sure too. It seems that I have to go the "wrong" way and create hundred different versions of the light sources. Well, that's sad.
  9. Changing light source parameters (color, radius, fade, pulsation) via scripts. It is possible? The point is that I'm trying to make an "upgrade" for the QuickLite mod, with the ability to select different light styles. But, unfortunately, I do not see the right way to make this. Creating hundreds of different versions of light sources - this is not the right way.
  10. Item without inventory model

    Yes. If you do this very often - yes. But game actually clear cells after some time, so it will affect your save only if you drop such items in not-respawn cells. Yes.
  11. Thanks =) She looks nice =)
  12. The new version is here. I hope I have not forgotten anything important in the new archives =)
  13. New butt texture. Now should look better and more seamless.
  14. You can try this mod But I not tested it, so I can't say how it will work with race skeleton. Also, you can scale and move "butt" nodes in skeleton by yourself. For "scale" you shall change "scale" value for NPC R (L) Butt node (for each node, left and right), for position you shall change "translation" values for CME R (L) PreButtRoot (also for left and right nodes). And as for the texture - I'll look at it and try to fix it.
  15. I'm working on it =) Also I'm tweaked "low" version of skeleton a little. Still need to make some screenshots for comparison of new "light" and old "regular" versions, and, I think, I can release new update.