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  1. This race is made for testing purposes only.
  2. New textures. I remade them from scratch, so need to test them for all seams and other possible bugs. UPD: I mess with names of the textures, fixed. TextureTest02.7z And don't forget to place "body" textures inside "warrior" folder, if you test them on new "placeholder" race from testing archive.
  3. First I need to finish all the work related to models and textures. Only after that I will start making body variants and converting armors.
  4. New body for testing. Test_Body_v2.7z New: Breasts shape (more round). Slightly bigger lats. Abs of _1 model moved a little upward, to corresponding position with _0 model. I hope that this will not give me problems when I start making armor conversion. Also, need to fix ass area - I saw small bug of normal maps there.
  5. I am 99,9% sure that this is a "mech" - a static thing without animation. It can have a "mount" node in the skeleton - so you can "ride" it (like a horse or a dragon), but again, without any animations. And I'll give 0,1% to the fact that someone has modified the skeleton of some game creature (Steam Centurion, for example) and make skinning to that skeleton, so this "mech" can have animations from this creature .
  6. It was been in previous version too Legacy from very-very beginning, when I used only bodyslide for making bodies. Nipples placed there for compensate physics (because most HDT-presets adds a "gravity factor" to breasts). Not sure that I should touch this area. Because if I do so, then converting armors may become a true hell. Need to think about it.
  7. Well, I did not touch arms in new model - they are identical to the old one. But skeletal settings is the key here. I tried to keep body proportion of old "default" variant as much as possible. And I'm not sure what I got a 100% identity. But lats are smaller and smoother, yes. Armpits is a very difficult place to modify, so I'm not sure I can make a better shape here.
  8. Azazellz


    Don't know why, but my game crashes randomly on game load while using this mod. Only on load, or new game start. For example, if I use Alternate Start, game can crash right after character creation (when all mods start to load). I have no idea why it happens, but this is because of FloppySOS for sure, - when I disable it, crashes amount on game load goes to 0. Any ideas?
  9. Ok, thanks. This data is missing in ECE .slot file... Strange. I'll check it later.
  10. Oh. My bad. Forgot to add race-controller script for RaceCompatibility. Here new archive. AssetsForTesting.7z Any suggestions? Body and head models looks good? Because if we miss something now - then after I finish armor conversions it will be a waaaaay hard to fix.
  11. Did you follow instruction from my previous post? Did you choose new race (Amazon Warrior) after you open RaceMenu? Did you remove all armor from your character? It's Sky132 (00HairFemaleSGsky132) from SG hairpack.
  12. Yes. Read instruction again. All meshes and textures is for new race only, which I made for testing. If you use them for old TrueAmazon race, you will get neck seams, because all clothes and armors (as well as "nevernude body") not converted for now.
  13. Here we go. Only manual install, no mod managers. AssetsForTesting.7z Meshes, textures, two skeleton variants, one "placeholder-amazon"-race, and data for ECE users. No armors, no muscle mass variants, no skin and no normal maps variants. First - place content from "Data" folder from archive to game "Data" folder. Second - pick skeleton variant (with default or swapped weapon placement), and place content from "Default" or "Swapped" folders to "Data". "ECE" folder - for ECE users, also place content from it to game "Data". Don't forget to activate new .esp file. If you make all right - then you can choose new race with new meshes and skeleton. ECE-users should pick Preset1 or Preset2 (depending of weapon placement) for correct body proportions (old character presets will not work with new body meshes). Things to test: overall look of body mesh, seams on textures, weight slider support, weapon scaling and placement, and so on - everything you want. Post feedback here, or you can send private message to me.
  14. Allright, I think I finish working on basic stuff. New body with weight slider support, new (and slightly improved) textures, new head with new neck seam. I think that tomorrow I can upload the archive for testing - only models and textures, nothing else.