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  1. Don't think so. Maybe using FNIS can help, But for this we need to make special animations and cut out from existing animations all unnecessary things, what not related to player. But I do not know how to do it.
  2. You can remove jacket, skirt and bag from this outfit in nifscope. Just select the branches you want to get rid of and and press ctrl+shift+del.
  3. This is part of the "Black Clothes" ("Mourner") set, which is under the jacket and mini skirt.
  4. Open .xlm as new project, choose what you need in dropdown menu. For reducing clipping and other slider-related bugs, I've splitted body shape to different parts. But fullbody conversion is still there. Have no idea. Maybe one of the Bandit\Farmer pants? I think you must find what suits you best on your own
  5. BTW, here some assets for converting stuff to new Amazon's body. I've even made some hair-related projects for conversions (hairstyles for the latest Followers update was made by using said projects). But it requires some advanced BodySlide and OutfitStudio skills.
  6. I had a few ideas, but all of them were not implemented. You mean armors from my mod, or from mods from another autors?
  7. Azazellz

    [Unofficial] BodyGen - docs

    I wonder, this thing can be used on NPC heads\faces? Like, for fixing neck seam after changing NPC "weight" value, without re-generating face data?
  8. XXL body, 100% weight. Can't say what face preset I used here... CME_save.7z Try to look here - maybe this is one of these presets (for swapped skeleton). P.s. and use "spoiler" properly, please You can drag-and-drop pictures inside it.
  9. Then you should tweak it yourself. This is not so difficult, because there is .pdf file with instructions. Also, all lines in the configuration files are commented, so it's pretty easy to understand what they should do.
  10. All should work, I think. The body from my mod supports physics, skeleton is a tweaked XPMSSE, so I can't see any problems.
  11. I do not know why this is happening. I did not come across this when I tested my mod, and there are no similar reports from other users. I think this is a conflict with one of your mods.
  12. It is quite difficult to make. To make this, we need to remake the upper torso from scratch and create new textures, and normals, and character skeletons... Also, it will require re-making of all armor sets to fit the new body. So, no. I can't do this. It's like make a new mod. Too much work for one person
  13. Silver sword from followers mod.