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  1. Yes, it's possible. Textures should work on both body versions. But you should replace them manually. Here links for old mod versions https://mega.nz/#!nJBBXQLZ!NX36tm3gwvAXELQi8zz8i3o0t1H8slnn_ECyHq2YEto (light race variant) https://mega.nz/#!SdYVmQAY!a3v4yTpenl26LiwsSx4SvOwKTSp7Cik0qZuYQC6puBQ (default race variant) https://mega.nz/#!rdYzmQpL!RsoIr90xOeh18ea9E3SLpm5WZiae6MVfpXg3_4boFMQ (armor addon)
  2. Have no idea. Personally I prefer ECE over Racemenu, so I can't say is there a way to save your current body sliders preset and load it again.
  3. This happens because my mod already have UUNP data inside racemenu script. So, use only my plugin for racemenu morphs. Or you can try this version (but it will require save file without my plugin enabled, or "clean save" procedure). RaceMenuMorphsUUNP-JB v1.2b.7z (I hope it will work, because I'm not tested it ingame).
  4. Well, sometimes LE mods work without proper conversion to SSE. Sometimes not =) As for the screenshots - this is your choice. Just put them inside spoiler.
  5. No, it's not. But you can convert it by yourself, it's very easy. All you need is Creation Kit for SE and SSE Nif Optimizer. Use this tutorial.
  6. Because the way the body reacts to an arrow is also stored in this part. And I can't remember what exactly I made for this. Try to open my mod in TESVEdit and look into "Impact Material Type" and "Impact Data Set" (or something similar). Or try to change to another Material Type. Like "Metal", for example.
  7. You should change "Impact Material Type" in "Blood" tab of amazon race. But I have no idea what concrete type you can use.
  8. Now I don’t have time for this - my work takes up almost all my free time, and I almost don’t have time for anything else, even for modding. But! You are lucky. Because long time ago I made something similar as an "experiment" in working with normal maps - "rough" super-hero costume for very first version of Amazon body. Since I still have all assets, I can convert it to actual version. But do not expect something of high quality - it is just the work of a beginner.
  9. If it works, then what's the problem? The message says that you are trying to apply a schlong to a custom (non-vanilla) race.
  10. It's not an animation. Just a static pose (slightly tweaked through NiO Pose Adjustments) and big log, manually placed in the air through Positioner mod. Big mace is from "armor addon".
  11. Not matter. "Armor mod" and this mod use the same texture from the same folder. All other stuff is unique for each mod.
  12. Using Photoshop or GIMP to adjust textures directly is the only thought that came to my mind. Not possible. ECE works only with skeleton- or tri-morph- based sliders. None of them can be used to customize textures or nipple shape. My mod is completely standalone (all textures and meshes are made only for new custom player race), so you can use any body replacer and retexture for NPCs.
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