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  1. Hmm. Quite strange. I made a clean install of my mod and started a new game (through "coc qasmoke console comand in main menu). I even installed RaceMenu (usually I use ECE). And only crashed once - but when I switched to the male version of the race. The next time I loaded the game and opened RaceMenu, I did not have any crashes. Did you tried to set other race, close racemenu, open it again, and switch to TA race?
  2. Have you tried to run straight into the character for a few seconds? Sometimes sprint effect did not fire instantly. This is how vanilla perk (from "Block" skill tree) work - and my effect works on the same principle.
  3. Another races works well? Can you switch to female nord, for example? Do you use RaceMenu or ECE? And which version of the game you use? Legendary Edition, right?
  4. All requirements are met? XPMSE, HDT, SKSE, Race Compatibility?
  5. Thanks. It's a bug in FOMOD-file, so normal maps for the body were not properly installed (missed "\" symbol). Try to copy normals manually from corresponding folders, or use new version of installer. https://mega.nz/#!aIYzBYTI!w1MIC8oC8elsGdp2JfIk8YynCKJu0CPAxwUFCKxJLLw (Link in the previous post was also updated)
  6. So, I think I've finished working on the current version of the mod. Here testing archive. New models, textures, skeletons, ECE-data and so on. 2 race variants ("Light" and "Regular", now in single archive). Some new features in MCM. Things that need to be tested: EVERYTHING Especially MCM - because it was made from scratch. I think now all bugs with jumps should disappear. The installation process should also be tested, because I completely rewrote FOMOD-file with the installation instructions. If this version does not show any problems, then I'll try to make a version for a Special Edition.
  7. I do not think it's a good idea to add in a mod a thing that can potentially break something. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/44666 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50225 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77836 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/87520
  8. Azazellz


    Sliders data stored inside outfit conversion files. So. if outfit was not converted for UUNP-JB, then it will not have any new sliders. You are not surprised that conversions for the CBBE do not contain sliders from the UUNP, right? You can make conversion by yourself (it's simple), or handle the outfits manually through OutfitStudio.
  9. I tried this function, and it caused a lot of different bugs. Like: your character initiate killmove. but target fly away (or fall through ground) in mid-animation. Or NPC trying to start force-greet sequence. comes too close and falls for no reason. So I limited this function to sprint only.
  10. Well, if from this point of view - I'll think about it. Maybe I'll add this feature (increasing in size, camera shaking effects) as option in MCM, or as separate buff spell. Yes. Main problem here is bodyshape and how bodyslide calculate sliders. Example: _1 version of Orcish armor (first picture), converted by Bodyslide into _0 version (second picture) through custom slider. As you can see - blue areas are not affected by sliders at all (because they too far from body, so sliders can't "catch" them). Red area affected by two body zones simultaneously (arm and breasts). So they look deformed. This is also applicable to armor on the back and between legs. This is just an example of how sliders work. If we use Bodyslide in the "auto" mode, we get very deformed results. When I make _0 armor version, I use several basic "reference forms" for processing (body without arms, only arms, only legs, etc), I use the mask tool to determine the zones to be processed, and after all this I tweak the result manually. This process can not be used when creating bodyslide data.
  11. These mods work fine by themselves. I do not see the point of including something similar in my mod. (And I have doubts that I can make something that works with the same smoothness and stability). But thanks for this suggestion. Some time ago I tested these mods - and it was quite fun. Not possible. (Well, kinda possible,.. But only for nude body. Armors can not be converted to work with sliders.)
  12. The last test archive with race-mod (should be somewhere on the previous pages) contains all the skeleton options, including XXL.
  13. I think I should refuse to use boxes with screenshots on them as ground objects (for armors). It's so hard to keep them up-to-date. ~270 .dds files - I spent almost two days on them. So, here testing archive with armors. Need to test it for missing textures and other possible bugs. https://mega.nz/#!qQ5QTQbT!GN-gsoTI8TNtWK0URphauDf3sHuBM3I5LGh5p4e0NBY I deleted three armor from GW, because they were pretty poor quality. I'll use some of concept from them in future armor sets.
  14. Looks nice! What is the name of this ENB?
  15. No, not right now. Still a lot of other things to do. Yes. Because it is easier to update when it is separated from the main mod. You should take some sleeping pills then. Because a few days without sleep - it's very bad for your health