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  1. Are there tutorials on how to export / import models and textures from the game to blender?
  2. You must first defeat him in the DLC And then buy his appearance with glory points (or whatever they are called).
  3. The face textures and normal maps based on FairSkin, and I can't remember which preset I used as the base face shape as it was a long time ago. You can always create your own face presets and use them instead of mine. Same with face textures or normal maps. This does not require any advanced 3D or Photoshop skills. Just don't touch neck seam area, and you are ok.
  4. Then you are doing something wrong. Because it should work fine, for both animation packages.
  5. Azazellz


    Try remove all unnecessary files from your mod, and it should work. Copies, backups, and so on.
  6. Because it shouldn't. The "bodyslide part" is for manual use in OutfitStudio only. Made for conversion purposes, not for playing with sliders.
  7. No. And no. Install as usual. Check the requirements listed on the first page. Note that the links are for LE, if you are using SE you will need to find alternatives yourself (it's simple). If you did everything correctly, there will be no crashes, and mod will work correctly. There will be no instructions for Bodyslide from me. I'm not going to explain the basic operation of the program to anyone who asks for it - I just don't have that much time. Use Google for tutorials to understand the basics. Once you get comfortable with the program a
  8. Ничего, со всяким случиться может 😃
  9. Конфликты, возможно? .esp мода перезаписывает всю броню, добавляя к ней новые армор аддоны. В них уже указан путь к новым файлам. Еще раз проверил - работает, никаких невидимых тел не было. Если не заменять файлы, а использовать всё как есть - экипируется ванильная модель брони, файлы которой и лежат в новых папках из мода. Что-то ты упускаешь.
  10. У меня, кстати, оно работает. Проверил на двемерской броне - заменил файл брони на файл из аддона, с переименованием, и оно нормально отобразилось. Без замены там файл ванильной брони отображался, как и должен. Никаких невидимых моделей не было. Может, быг какой-то конкретной брони был? На чем тестировал?
  11. Откуда качал? Отсюда? Какая версия игры? Сделано для LE. Да и вообще, оно очень тестовое все, сделанно в качестве тренировки, когда я учился со скриптами в хЭдит работать. Так что полную работоспособность этой штуки я не гарантирую.
  12. You can use any uunp-based textures without photoshop. But some of the muscle relief is drawn on the body texture, so you might get a different result with other textures.
  13. Azazellz


    The problem is with the meshes, not the skeleton. Vanilla Kenshi's body meshes are not symmetrical, both male and female. They are slightly offset to the left (0.04 blender units). JRPG races have a different mesh made from vanilla and it's symmetrical if I remember correctly. For most of the clothes it doesn't really matter, but if you are using something very tight, the clipping will be very noticeable.
  14. You can ask. But it's better in PM or Discord to keep this topic clean.
  15. I thought about it. But I can’t do it, as now I am no longer modding Skyrim. You can try to convert yourself, the mod package contains all the things you need for this. In my discord sometimes post pictures with converted things from other authors, so it's just a matter of how much you want to learn something new.
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