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CTD after loading Save


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So my game was running fine yesterday but now my crashes whenever I load my saved game and all my autosaves are corrupted.

I checked load order and Skyrim folder but nothing looked suspicious.

How do I fix this? It's getting reeeallly annoying :(

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its may happen by various things (may?), load order, updated mods, and another bla bla bla.
its may happen and in another way, for example you play some time and not have any issue, but its not mean what you dont get ctd in future. Because as i know technically if skyrim loading in memory game can save and load excellent but if you unload (reboot etc) some things like this can happen.
In this situation, i start new game (with alt start mod(where you in cell). After this load previously *bugged* save. Technically i guess this is a problem from loading all mods (too havy for one load?) or smth like that. Also after starting new game you can save and keep this save for loading in future (something like pre- load, before loading last save)

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