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[Skyrim] the Questions and Answers Thread


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Hello everyone!

This Thread is for everyone, who have questions or small Problems with the Mods.



So I start this Thread with a question. I use SoS for females, with XPMSE and Racemenu. When I Use Nikitaa's Succubus Race for a new Character, i didn't have all the genital Sliders in Racemenu. What I did wrong during the install or is this an other problem? The Slider are avaiable for all other Races, only the Succubus Race have only the erection slider. What i must change? Can anyone give me a advice?

THX for reading.

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SO I also had a question, albeit a FAR more generalized one, and this seems like the place to ask, but then again, this has been an inactive thread for like 2 years...  I want to mod my game to be good looking like a lot of the screenshots I see posted, but idk where to even begin.  I am guessing it comes down to what mods I need and/or...?


Any help to my poorly formed thought would be appreciated.

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