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  1. I have seen people post characters with similar things on, but I have not been able to find on my own. Any help would be appreciate!
  2. So, Gauldur of the Forbidden Legend Quest is who kidnapped me as revenge for setting someone else free. Uh, my problems are 1 that he is invisible and essential and so I couldn't target him when escaping to get all my stuff back and also after I tried the "Ask Companions for help" option, he's just moved to Jorvaskr, still essential, but now just kneeling on the floor. Is there a way around this or "load old save" is all we got? And possibly how to avoid this same situation in the future?
  3. I have a billion mods because I keep having issues and try to gte it fixed lol
  4. I was deliberate when I worded my problem to try and ensure that people could understand what was happening. I do not have invisible or partial followers (problem 2) in so much as I have followers that do not follow me when I change locations via a loadscreen. For example, leaving the Riverwood Trader. I do not have a follower manager at the time I posted this, but have since downloaded the WhereAreYou? mod and that has made the difference I was looking for.
  5. Okay, like fuck me. I got FNIS in a zipped/rar thing off the nexus. It is sitting on my desktop. I can make an overwrite, but it just tells me that it is an empty file. I can try to install manually off the MO but it says again, it is an empty file/mod and will have no effect. I also cannot open the tutorial files that 27X linked to me and idk why because m pc seems to recognize the files types. I am reading through a dedicated MO walkthrough that SAYS how FNIS needs to be done (manual or off nexus and how it should be done as an overwrite) but beyond that NOTHING and none of
  6. Okay, My PC forced me to restart. I have moved all of my steam action out of Program Files and corrected the path for MO and I noticed this at the bottom when I start it up: problem? And when I try to click the globe in MO it just open the nexus and that gives me a forced OPEN NXMHandler prompt window. Sorry if I am being stupid, but this is new to me here...
  7. Okay, so the FNIS is no available through the gear wheels, MO says that the FNIS is a bad mod when I try to download and install it manually and MO will not log into nexus. SO, what's my next step,please?
  8. Yes, I decided to start over using Mod Organizer instead of The Nexus Manager. I'm still trying to figure that out too, but that's just a familiarity thing. Throwing XPMSE on and moving the file to the recommended location makes this, so 2 steps backwards? lol Also, even running it from the original location WITH XPMSE installed has changed nothing.
  9. FNIS loads and it does what it does, but it has a warning. How do I know what is the problem so I can work to solves it?
  10. This is cool, but where is the text file? can I access it in game or it save on my pc somewhere? I do not have a save with follower available or I would have just reloaded that older save, in addition, I find my followers vanish frequently, so I was hoping for a preemptive solution instead.
  11. I re-installed SL Framework, and that cleared it up. I must have had a bad install of that. This makes you want to pull your hair out sometimes lol
  12. ***just started using Mod Organizer instead of Nexus/Vortex Still learning that software, QUITE possible I have something (or don't) there that I don't know about.
  13. Draugr and animals (wolf, troll, mudcrab, etc) literally just stand there. The draugr have the T pose going on, but animals are just statues. No attacks, make the 'ah, you're hurting me' sound but that is all. Fury/Fear hits, but same behavior. People walk/talk/live/laugh/love/learn like they should, also, dragon won't show up at Western Watchtower, so I can't test them.
  14. okay, well that explains the purple lol what is CF? (MNC = More Nasty Creatures)
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