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  1. The Tail is a private Mod, the choker is from Treestump's Latex Conversions. For the Tail - you must ask @EvilReFlex for a permission.
  2. Aether Suite is a nice location, even the outside Parts like fort knox etc maybe on day i use it again. But I just use the small one, wich is in Riverwood. (Doll House) Sometimes i miss LE, there are many more lewd und shiny Outfits
  3. Zilphia: "Beings like us have to stick together. We've the same interrests, we'll give always a helping Hand for others. I wish we can having much more interactions together." *kiss*
  4. After a Message per Messenger, Zilphia is waiting in the morning for Aria Bal. It's a longer time, after their last meeting, maybe one year or more. The Succubus is happy and very exited about this. After she arrives after one hour, both walking back to Whiterun, before they enter the Town, they're stopping and both starts they lustful play.
  5. Zilphia: "You know where I am, you and your cute Wife are always welcome."
  6. Some random Screenshots from the last 2 Month and one small video. Nothing special.
  7. Zilphia the Succubusangel is dancing with the Moon.
  8. Zilphia, Lydia and Jenassa having some oral Fun. Because, she likes and loves her Friends.
  9. Here some Screenshots from me Breena and Lydia. I hope you like it (and my little fetish) Short video
  10. I think, that is not such a good Idea, when you play with her (back)Tail - She like this and starts to purr^^
  11. Unknown Girl. "uuhm, that's the Overworld? It looks Strange. Hey, sweetie can you help me? I'm searching for Zilphia, did you seen her?" "Oh, you don't know where she is? Wait,I can give you a Photo from me, if you know where she is." "But it is very bright here in your World, let me took this Sunshade." "Let me change my Clothes. Aaah! That is better." "Please, when you meet her, tell her Charlette is asking for her. Huh? I am just an old friend, she teached me, to be a kindful Seducer." Charlette: "Oop
  12. Aaaah, Thank you. Now i learned a little bit more. They look fantastic Charly say thank you too
  13. Many thanks. I will try them and i'll report it, when i got Problems. ❤️ Hmmm, i got an other Version from this Nails. I use the CBBE Hands and Nails V1.4.1 version (nails4all) There's no Texture file in Data. Sorry.
  14. The grey tips (maybe to black) and the red Zebra (changing to your Pink). All other colours be okay. Thank you for your help.
  15. I'm looking for this colour, and which one be replaced? The red tips or the French? Would you share these Nails, 'cause i got no talents in modding. If not, than it is okay too. Sorry for asking
  16. At the Panel, when Ellie told us, that would be her player, i start laughing. There was a funny and nice chapter with excellent Screenshots again. I never asked you, which Version of Skyrim is this? From where are her Nails (HN66?) or did you change the Colortexture by yourself?
  17. It looks like the RTX 3080 10G. Maybe it is just 1440p with upscaling to UHD with DSR
  18. Zilphia: "You and Phoenix, you know that you're always welcome my friends."
  19. Thank you I was a little bit curious, how does it works. I used the GeForce Expierience Recorder und compressed it with Handbrake. It was nice to have this experience.
  20. Zilphia with a different Hairstyle and in Motion^^
  21. My first short Videos. Zilphia wants invite You! Zilphia: "Hey you. Please come closer and be my guest for a while." The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition 2021.03.02 - Zilphia: "Hehe, I see it in your eyes, you like it what I am doin'. I'm sure, you want to help me. Maybe next time." *smile* The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition 2021.03.02 - Zilphia: "You know my Number, when you're Horny, please call me!"
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