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Not sure what is going on here.  I tried various work arounds loading different kinds of files.  If someone could at least say "this is a mesh issue" or "this is a texture issue" maybe that could point me in the right direction?  Or if someone could send me their files?  I'm using bodyslide, but am having the issues without bodyslide files installed as well.  Thank you in advance for any help.  

TESV 2017-11-03 21-17-08-52.bmp

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That above looks different then the usual running out of memory issue. Running out of memory is the body being completely black but the closer to the mesh you get the more the black disappears. I have seen it before and I think it's a mesh issue as I have had it before on some items that I have made in outfit studio. Sometimes removing the outfit and then putting it back on will fix it sometimes you had to do it more then once.

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Looks like inverted poly faces.

To fix:
Open in NifSkope -> Select the BodyMesh -> NiTriShapeData
In BlockDetails check if "BS Num UV Sets" = 4097 (if not, change with double-click)
Also check if "Has Normals" and "Has Vertex Colors" is yes.


Then right click on BodyMesh-> Mesh-> Face Normals.
Again Right click on BodyMesh -> Mesh -> Update Tangent Space


Save the nif.

If you are using BodySlide the Nif is in BodySlide \ ShapeData \ Outfit name.



If it does not work, a link to the mod or your nif would be helpful.

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