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Looking for outfit and possibly headmesh

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Anyone a clue what this outfit is and where to get it?


Also, the character there seems not to have the weird jagged mouth corner thing going on and looks overall a lot better, to the point where I think it could be a custom headmesh and not the one delivered with the race itself.  (It's the Kaleen race if anyone wants to know).  Question is, is it a different headmesh or just photoshopped?



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On 20.11.2017 at 9:26 AM, Sir Artsy said:

Kaleen Race (head06) (my character using the same race)

The outfit variant is available at dude blog who was mentioned above if i'm not wrong.

Saw your screenshots on the nexus actually. They are what moved me to download the Kaleen race for my monthly jump into oblivion. :P

This is my Kaleen. I unfortunately have the jagged mouth corner issue with her. I have propably tried to fiddle around with the slideers in character creation for hours by now, never found out how to avoid those and not have a potato face at the same time. -_-



That's also where my question with the headmesh originates from. Darigaz' and your character doesn't have those corner 'spikes' going on.


As in, that weird 'spike' on the right side of the mouth as seen here.




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