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I'm scared this has come up before. I really did try to find this topic, but I couldn't! I'm kind of new here, so I'm sorry if I goofed.


Anyway, I'm wondering if it's better to switch to UNP bodies from CBBE. I use CBBE currently, but I notice a few animations used in Sexlab Light (specifically in conjunction with the mod "Hedonism") are to varying degrees wrong. Hands will clip significantly through asses, and a few cases involving monsters will be completely mismatched.


I see that Sexlab Light is made for UNP instead of CBBE. Since I figure that might fix some of the issues, I'm asking here before I go through all the trouble of changing body mods (which will force me to change several other mods and patches, as well).

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As far as animations go each animator tends to use varying bodies as a reference, sometimes even their own custom Bodyslide setup. So you might have better luck with UNP for some animations, or they might hoverhand over a nonexistant waist or butt zone that would be there with CBBE. It tends to vary.


maybe you could Bodyslide a body that's somewhere inbetween in terms of size?

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