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the elder scrolls or fallout should have, a multiplayer horde mode as the mass effect franchise?

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I would like to play with my friends online, in the forests of skyrim or in the wasteland of the Commonwealth.

I would love to kill hordes of daedra or shoot the behemonth by waves and waves until the last man stands.

I know it's just a happy dream.


:idea:  :idea:  :idea:  :angel:

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There is one huge problem you'd have to somehow solve first if you were to implement a horde mode to any of the TES games: How to properly balance the experience. The concept of setting up a small area and fill it with waves of foes with increasing power isn't that difficult, and I'd say especially Fallout 4 would have the nice advantage of a relatively large base amount of variations. Ghouls for example may technically all stay the same no matter your level, but they still at least visually change quite a lot, so it wouldn't be that difficult to make increasing waves feel more dangerous.

Though the actual problem lies within the player: Who would they play? What would they play as? How to balance it out? There are no classes in TES or Fallout. Everyone starts as the very same thing and then you have to build your perks yourself. You'd need pre-defined classes first..and granted, while those exist in Morrowind and Oblivion, a lot of them only have insignificant differences. So you'd need to slowly level your character in a meta-game while playing. The problem is what happens if you match with someone who is not on a similar level with you? And wouldn't it make everything outstandingly boring if you can do everything on your own without any weaknesses because..well, getting all stats to max is not really that difficult. In a mode like this it should not be possible though, hence why classes are mandatory. But like I said, those don't properly exist yet.


There is an incredibly amount of games/settings/franchises that could have such a horde mode, but some would need a lot more work to make them enjoyable than others. Mass Effect surely had it a whole lot easier than Fallout would have.

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