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Don't Miss This Mod: Special Ability and Bad Status-- English version

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Guest GingerTom

Yes, the title is terrible--but the mod is fantastic! Glad you took a second look. :)


PS: Thanks to your post I've added to the title of this thread so others won't just skip by it. :D

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Guest GingerTom

I didn't watch whole movie. 8 minutes is too long for me. :P

Is there limit on the skills you use?


Don't think so, for example: 'NPCs with a disposition of 80 or more can be taught some of the skills through conversation options.

To teach the spell you must have a scroll in your inventory.'


PS: The 8 minutes is well worth it--some 'funny' scenes also. :D (Near the end--lovers of LoversLab will love them.) :D

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"You will download this." - He was right. I did.

I remember seeing the video several months before. It was in Japanese, apparently took a while until the translated version now got released.


Though I don't really need it gameplay-wise (a few arrows kill anything at this point in the game), the special effects are impressive-looking to say the least. And such uncommon visual/graphic effects are perfect for screenshots.


Good thing you and the mod author insisted I should get the file. I had seen it but the vague title didn't draw me in. When I saw the video I remembered it features ultra-badass moves along those from console fighting games.


Thanks for the recommendation!

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Guest GingerTom

My favourites so far:


Hammerfall--maybe I'll start using a hammer.

Flame Illusion--a great disappearing act.

Natures Wrath--Holy Flack Batman! An umbrella won't help you here.

Coma--is there a doctor in the house?

Low Kick--this one will be the ladies' favourite. :D

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I think we're making it 'hot'--which is actually kind of funny. :D


:D well, most animations are ACE and the effects looks epic, but i fear they might kill my machine :dodgy:


anyway i installed them and got the mod to work :) i only used afew abilities yet and it looks good so far.

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I remember an older thread talking about this mod. Albeit it was before it was on nexus. So it's not a new mod.


This Thread



It's interesting that they'd put it on the nexus now though.

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Yes, exactly! That was the link that made me watch the video back then. In the last few days I wondered how I stumbled upon the clip.

I was amazed such effects were even possible to pull off in Oblivion. These special attacks are surely giving Midas spells a run for their money...

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That's right. I actually never used them much during the five weeks I was seriously playing Skyrim. But the one I liked and found rather useful was the (maxed out) 'Storm Call' as a kind of 'fire and forget' attack against cheap-ass Ancient Dragons. The downside was the somewhat depressing heavy rain accompanying the shout. Using this ability probably made me an even cheaper bastard than the enemy.

Really satisfying to watch scaly drag-goons helplessly circling the skies just to get repeatedly hit by lightning bolts. *KRA-KOOOOOM* - "Ouch!!"

"A Shout to the skies, a cry to the clouds, that awakens the destructive force of Skyrim's lightning."


Funny idea to enrage the very sky just by shouting at it and make a dragon the fall guy to take the brunt of Nature's fury...

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It was quite the shout. However I rarely ever used it since it would always strike my allies as well as my enemies making them go hostile on me if they didn't get killed. For the rain, you could try using the clear skies shout, but that might make the lightning go away. Unless your using vanilla shout cooldowns.

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The only mod I have installed for Skyrim is an early female nude body replacer (in preparation for eventually making Skyrim porn :D).


It took forever to be able to use this shout again. I just tactically (=cowardly) hid away until I could scream at the sky again.

While I giggled at the Ancient Dragon's drastically reduced health bar, listening to his enraged and disappointed roars.


My favoured combat technique in this sort of game is always archery. I never really played with companions in Skyrim, it's kinda bad to have aggressively charging buddies that get in the way of my arrows. In Oblivion, my technique to avoid that is jumping over enemies' heads and shooting from mid-air. I'm planning to learn how to make Oblivion movies, a crazy shooting montage is one of the ideas I'm having for ages.


Now the special ability mod with its incredible effects gives me even more reasons to make movies.

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