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Need Help ... please

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Hi guys....


I have a glitch in the game since I download and try this mod:




the glitch is boobs stretching for some females NPC with dark skin or wearing necromancer outfit ... I know the reason ... but even after I deactivated and delete the mod with everything related to it the problem still exist ...


what should I do to fix this :( ... any help? 


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For some reason I can't open the link but usually boobs stretching means wrong skeleton.

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If you are using LAPF reinstall it and make sure not to overwrite it's skeleton if you are not using it make sure you have a compatible skeleton. The armor of the necromancer mod comes with it's own skeleton so if you are using LAPF do not allow it to overwrite the skeleton in LAPF. The LAPF skeleton is updated as well as having extra bones added to it for other things.

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Well ...I'm using LAPF and I didn't overwrite it's skeleton I leave it as it is ... what I don't understand here : aren't things suppose to return to normal after I delete the mod from the game?


by the way I'm using Boobalicious mod by thunderiaz it's compatible with the current skeleton 

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No, things don't revert to normal after you delete something (they "may" return to vanilla, but not to the pre-modded condition that you had - unless you are doing BAIN).  You have to reinstall everything that was overwritten by what you just uninstalled.

And despite what you think, YES something has overwritten the LAPF skeleton or you would not be having the problems that you are having.  So reinstall the LAPF and see if that fixes things.  


If it does not, then you still have something installed that contains a custom skeleton and you'll need to hunt it down and remove it.  Since you have not shared your load order or any other information, we can't do anything more to help you.

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But the author said: "to uninstall deactivate the ESP in the launcher , then delete Necromancer's Armor.esp and all folders called "necro".


and since I can't copy and paste my load order here I put them in the note pad and upload it in this site:




and what do you mean I didn't share any other information? I said exactly what happened with me what do you want me to say more than that




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If you have overwritten the LAPF or BBB skeleton and then you delete the Mod with the wrong skeleton you have no skeleton in your folders,. The game will use the Vanilla Skeleton and you have stretched breast and Penis.


If you use Lovers install the LAPF skeleton again.

If you don't use Lovers install the universal keleton again.


Read my yellow Link below. Problems during Game play:  Breast and Penis stretching and how to fix it.

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But the skeleton is still there because like I said in my first comment the stretching happening with some females NPC that have dark skin or wearing necromancer outfit not all of them and it's only boobs issue not penis    

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Ok you have a skeleton, but is it the right skeleton ? Have you installed the LAPF skeleton again ?


archive invalidate works ?  ( I once had a problem that it some times works ( it use the files in the folders ) and after next cell change/load door the game ignored the loose folders and used the vanilla file ).

Set archive invalidate again. Check if you have the ini entry. If you have Oblivion in C:\program files archive invalidate maybe never works  even with the ini entry.



I have not checked your load order ( why not post it here ? I will not download it )


But i read the Armor_Of_The_Necromancer Mod description and I download it.

There is a skeleton in the Mod ( folder meshes\characters\_male\  skeleton.nif

Size ot the skeleton.nif  = 34 kb And the skeleton is not BBB !


But the Necromancer Mod is for Roberts female.

Roberts female not compatible with Lovers.

And I don't know if a BBB roberts female exists.

So if you use Roberts female you normally don't use BBB and Lovers

But you use Lovers.....

Why don't use the HGEC version of Lady death ? ( you can use the Necromancer Mod but you replace the female Lady death meshes with the HGEC versions. The HGEC version does not have a male armor . But the HGEC is BBB)


But I don't know why the roberts "no BBB armor" have breast stretching. ( in some meshes are not used BBB bones. But in the LDMorbidBikiniMFD.nif the BBB bones are used, and without a BBB skeleton they will stretch !!!  Only with this one Nif  AND the no BBB skeleton you should have breast stretching)

Or why NPC that have dark skin have breast stretching.  Do they use a different Body ? ( setBody reloaded Autosetbody )


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I reinstall the LAPF again even though I already have the right skeleton except the first person one I noticed when I read about this issue in your yellow link that the first person skeleton doesn't have the right size I don't know how did this happen I didn't touch it and the mod doesn't even have this skeleton so I overwrite it to fix that and lunch the game (I saved my game Inside Imperial Bridge Inn because I saw this problem on Davela Hlaren's breast when I came to the place for the first time) but still nothing change I went to the Oblivion.ini just like you suggest and add the entry to the archive and lunch the game but ... again nothing change the strange thing there's another woman in the same Inn Redguard race (I'm using Tamriel Travellers mod if you ever use it before or heard of it) she seems to be ok .. I will try to give you a snap shot to see it yourself ...


And why you didn't checked my load order? if I can put it here I will not bother myself uploading a file in another site and give you the link because for some reason I can't copy and paste anything here in this forum this's annoying  ><


And about the mod itself I know it's not compatible with lovers because of the skeleton of course I was just wanted to try it to see how will look like without the right skeleton that's all I never imagine something like this will happen even after I delete it from the game


Edit: ok here's the screen shot:



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Have you set archive invalidate in the OBMM ?

Then normally  the entry is in the Oblivion ini. If it is not in the ini something is wrong ( e.g. your game is in C:\program files.)

If you have set archive invalidate  and the entry is not in the ini you add it manually. 

!!! In most cases it will work. But some people had problems and they must install Oblivion again or move the game folder to get archive invalidate working. NOT in C:\program files !!!


Have you tried my archive invalidate 7z from my yellow Link?


Bad things

-game in C:\program files

-Steam Oblivion and game in C:\program files = very bad

-Mods installed with NexusModmanager ( delete the NMM )



Your picture : yes wrong skeleton OR wrong mesh. There are some very old Mods with wrong breast bones.


What Mod clothes does the NPC wear? Mod name, or upload the mesh.


Overwritten skeleton: many armor clothes Mods have skeletons in the folder.

Always unpack Mods ! Check the folders, delete things you don't want or need,  then install the clean Mod.


Load order: 

I can't copy and paste anything here in this forum this's annoying  ><

You use IE11, that's a fucking Windows bug. You can google it. Microsoft is not able to fix it.

I use Firefox and I can copy paste ( I installed firefox just for Loverslab )


But you have my yellow Link. Sort your Mods with BOSS, sort the unsorted Mods manually, sort your Lovers Mods.


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Actually I add the entry manually in ini file .. is that enough?  and how to add it in OBMM?


My game is not in the C:\program files it's in the desktop and I'm using OBMM


about the NPC Mod clothes name I don't know it's all part of the boobalicious Mod .. the author replace so many armors and clothes it's hard to know

but I can give you the picture for the character in her vanilla outfit maybe this will help you to know the name:




but many others site actually using IE I can't just download firefox for one site there's no need for that 


I already download Boss but before I install it I have a question :  does boss will going to install in my game folder just like OBMM? if yes .. then it will conflict with OBMM right?

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You have never set archive invalidate ? ??   Oblivion will always use the vanilla files if you don't set archive invalidate.

No the entry is not enough !!!! You need the bsa file which you entered into the ini.  if there is no bsa file how should the game find it ??????????????

Thought you have read my yellow Link and you clicked this Link http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15185-xeo-sp/page-4?do=findComment&comment=496940


And you can try my ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa ( my yellow Link. at the end of the archive invalidate:  part.

The ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa in you data folder.

And the ini entry must be

sArchiveList=ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa, Oblivion - Meshes.bsa, Oblivion - Textures - Compressed.bsa,...........



The boobalicious Mod is ok, all meshes are fine.




Yes I use IE11 for most sites. But it does not work with Loverslab.

You can install and use different internet explorer. I have IE AND firefox.



BOSS: there is a readme.  if i remember right you must install it in the game folder.

But I never installed BOSS. I use the BOSS masterlist and notepad++ ( read my yellow link )


BOSS place all Mod that are not in the masterlist at the end of the load order. No problem if you sort your game the first time.

Then you sort the "unknown" Mods manually and your Load order is perfect.

Now you install a new Mod and you run BOSS again to sort the new Mod....and BOSS place all "unknown" Mods at the end of the load order, and you must correct you load order again ( every time you run BOSS )


Solution: you add the "unknown" Mods in the BOSS masterlist ( but you must do it with each new Masterlist)

Or you don't use BOSS, you only download the BOSS masterlist and search and place the Mods manually.




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It is always checked !

Mod Manager: click "Utilities". choose  "archive invalidate"     activate "BSA redirection" click update now.

Have you clicked UPDATE NOW ?


If  yes try my ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa ( yellow Link )

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Have you changed  the ini entry ? ( Not the ini in the Oblivion folder !!!  The ini in myGames\Oblivion  ( there is also your saves folder )

sArchiveList=ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa, Oblivion - Meshes.bsa, Oblivion - Textures - Compressed.bsa,...........


ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa in you data folder.


( OBMM ini entry was

sArchiveList=..\obmm\BSARedirection.bsa, Oblivion - Meshes.bsa, Oblivion - Textures - Compressed.bsa, ...

But that does not work with the ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa  )


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Yeah I done that I went to the ini in myGame\Oblivion


But I found the entry like this before I do archive invalidate in OBMM:


SArchiveList=Oblivion - Meshes.bsa, Oblivion - Textures - Compressed.bsa, .......

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SArchiveList=Oblivion - Meshes.bsa, Oblivion - Textures - Compressed.bsa, .......

That is the original entry. And archive invalidate will not work.



You add a empty bsa file in your game folder ( With OBMM click the function. Or manually . )

Then you change the INI. The name in the INI must be the name of the added bsa. And the new bsa must the first entry.

So if you use my ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa  you change the INI entry like this

sArchiveList=ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa, Oblivion - Meshes.bsa, Oblivion - Textures - Compressed.bsa,...........


So you trick the game. The game can not find the files in the new empty bsa, so it search in all folders.

Without the empty bsa and the INI entry the game will first search in all original Oblivion bsa files , and only if it can not find a file it will search in the loose folders.




OBMM normally should do both, create a empty bsa and add the right INI entry. But once I had problems and the game use sometimes the loose folder and sometimes the Oblivion bsa files.

Now I always use my ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa and do the INI entry manually.



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I mean I found it like this when I open the ini for the first time ... I already change the entry since you told me to do so and put the one you recommend ... nothing change

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If you have Archive Invalidation  and the 3 LAPF BBB skeletons  and Mods sorted and started a new game....

Then I don't know what's wrong with your game. sorry.

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I never installed/used WryeBash.


All I know : NO loversMods in the BashedPatch !!!!



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You probably had something out of order or somethings was overwriting the one having the problem and when you ran BOSS it moved the one causing the problem above the one that it was overwriting/conflicting with so the problem went away. If you have 2 mods that alter/affect the same thing the last one in the load order will always trump the one above it.

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