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  1. swmas

    Guide: Best Loot Before Level 10

    You sure about the dagger and katana? They may be added by mods I don't even think silver katanas exist in vanilla. If the dagger is there, where exactly cause that sounds like an op item for starting the game.
  2. swmas

    Sassy Teen Girls Body Replacer

    But I still want to know the story about that screenshot, how can you not remember changing it yourself and how do you think is possible that I managed to perfectly remove the black smudges?
  3. Get the card that CPU is great. You get 60 fps in menu cause the game doesn't render much, that is just a screenshot from when you pressed Esc you see. I'm not familiar with that ENB but if you already set all quality stuff to 2 all I can suggest is disabling Dof But if you get a GTX 1060 and you still lag then that ENB is no good.
  4. swmas

    UUNP Nipples?

    I don't use the chinese body but I think it is included here. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2431-naturalistic-hdt-and-beast-hdt/
  5. swmas

    Sassy Teen Girls Body Replacer

    What? I didn't remove anything you must have edited your post after I quoted you. And you don't even remember? What kind of photosop skills do you think I have? You, you are creepy bro. And you just took the time to check my profile, look through my posting history and even posted on my page so who is stalking who? I couldn't care less about you or who you are and I don't waste my time following mod authors around on forums so I had no idea what happened to triptherift but I made you tell me so... curiosity satisfied. Stop being a pussy.
  6. Maybe if you didn't try pouncing on people and took the time to read a few post before you would know. Instead like 90% of your posts that are tied to your profile you would rather be hostile, condescending or other wise rude to most of the people you reply to. But that's cool you keep on being a dick and may natural selection find you soon. 

  7. swmas

    Sassy Teen Girls Body Replacer

    I stand corrected. You should have just divulged the reasons in the first place instead of making that cryptic post. But I guess people just offer information to prove others wrong these days.
  8. It adds more stuff. That load order should work. If everything loads in xEdit there is no master missing.
  9. swmas

    Sassy Teen Girls Body Replacer

    The post you replied was addressed to me, so I think the guy you were talking to at least. If you're gonna bullshit expect to be called out, or don't do it on a public board.
  10. swmas

    Sassy Teen Girls Body Replacer

    And I talked to Obama about this, he said it's bullshit.
  11. swmas

    Sassy Teen Girls Body Replacer

    I agree with your reasons for agreeing with her reasons.
  12. swmas

    Sassy Teen Girls Body Replacer

    I thought they just got bored of modding. Edit: https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/6jp5f3/shout_out_emily_the_messy_released/
  13. In defeat if you disable most stuff it works just like you want for the surrendering thing. Radiant prostitution also has npc prostitution though. Cursed Loot does all the things you want if you disable the other stuff. I actually run all three at the same time.
  14. What three other mods one is Dangerous nights, the other two? I gotta say your post made me take an interest in that mod.
  15. Who is this modder, cause you can say there was one that asked for 1M$ but with no name nobody would believe.