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  1. Soulgem Oven III

    Nice, I'll get this for myself, self impregnation makes sense to me. Thanks!
  2. Well said, I am completely fine with 30 FPS. I mostly play every game like that, if I know there is a chance a game can get even a few frames bellow 60 often enough, I'll just limit it to 30.
  3. Soulgem Oven III

    Shoot, I guess the only option is to manually edit the npc's.
  4. Get any follower you want and replace her body to what you like.
  5. Soulgem Oven III

    Got it, make the unp schlong mod to show invisible that way all the women will be able to inseminate. The strapon version should still be visible cause it uses different mesh.
  6. Soulgem Oven III

    Isn't giving a schlong to every female separately just as dumb? There is a schlongiffication plugin for females, might give that a shot, with it some females will get an "invisible" schlong instead of an unp one.(I think so though I never tried it.)
  7. If you can live with 30 fps limit the game to that.
  8. I think you can do this in nioverride.ini too, not sure though.
  9. Naturalistic HDT and Beast HDT

    Yes according to the installer. I didn't installed the chinese body though, I don't like cabbage leafs between the legs realistic or not.
  10. Naturalistic HDT and Beast HDT

    I mean the head mesh, not texture. Start a new game just for testing, starting a new game is to make sure you truly are naked and don't have invisible stuff equipped by mods.
  11. Naturalistic HDT and Beast HDT

    Do you have a custom head mesh that has xml attached to it? Also make sure that you are completely nude and try on a new game.
  12. I just opened it in notepad, ctrl+A and copy. But i did that in ZAP 8 not this but I think it should be the same.