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Lovers Hiyoko Shooter - Dukky Version

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Yeah... Comrade Fienyx's.   But I tried his and never got the animation to work.... so that is why I opted not to go that route.   Comrade Fienyx definitely needs his own Download link.  ;)



(OFFTOPIC:  Damn, Fejeena!  That Mephala mod you directed me has a 64Meg ESP?  :D )

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(OFFTOPIC:  Damn, Fejeena!  That Mephala mod you directed me has a 64Meg ESP?  :D )

Yes, and a 2.1GB bsa file. The biggest and best Mod I know.

I never tried the english translation ( because I am german) so I don't know if the humor and sarcasm were well translated.

About 70 hours play time

More than 90 Quests

Full voice recording ( german)

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(OFFTOPIC:  Damn, Fejeena!  That Mephala mod you directed me has a 64Meg ESP?  :D )

Yes, and a 2.1GB bsa file. The biggest and best Mod I know.

I never tried the english translation ( because I am german) so I don't know if the humor and sarcasm were well translated.

About 70 hours play time

More than 90 Quests

Full voice recording ( german)



Can I have the link too? :)

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I may have an issue with this mod. Whenever I witness the birthing animation of this mod, the children born by that become too passive to attack enemies. They don’t attack anything other than defending themselves, which makes them not so useful as followers. If I am not there when NPC giving birth and I don’t see the birthing animation, it seems that they attack player’s enemy fine like other followers.

The author of this mod said “ it has a more enhanced system to ensure the mother is ready to give birth, and works to ensure the borne hiyoko children are more passive and calm.”

Maybe this is the reason? Can anyone else confirm this?

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Yep,  I can confirm this.  However, I am considering a more extensive INI file for control.

Within the xLHSCallBackHiyokoShot script, there are a pair of lines that affect the children's behavior, settings applied to them after birth.  These setting override their behavioral tendencies:


    ;; Make children 'reasonably' responsible
    offence.SetAV Responsibility 70
    offence.SetAv Aggression 0


It totally sucks when you have a bandit's kid and he starts kicking the butt of all your other kids, or all the grownups start raging.  But removing these will make the brats keep their behavioral quirks.

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After quite some time, many things have now changed with Lovers Hiyoko Shooter, the Dukky Version.


First off, the system now has an INI file with many features available for you to alter to suit your tastes.


Secondly, the system now recognizes Lovers Slave Trader itself!   Because Hiyoko Shooter needs to be placed after LoversTamagoClub and before LAPF (as it always has), the mod cannot affect or alter LST greetings.  However, the mod can see if a Hiyoko child has been enslaved and will disable the built-in child commands of 'Stay here', follow me, et al..


Third, the mod recognizes Lovers Creatures 2.5+ and the female creatures now available and possible within.  Because of this, female creatures that have a submissive pose can now go into labor like any other NPC.  It is contingent upon a setting within the new INI file.    But if the child being borne is a creature, no animatics as before.


Fourth, there's been a persistent issue when a mother is delivering twins.  While the issue has not been solved for fraternal twins due to the mechanics built into TamagoClub, identical twins will finally be hidden from view until the birthing animation is complete.


Fifth, if you don't like that Hiyoko Shooter use random sex poses when the NPC goes into labor, fret no more.  The INI file allows you to set which sex animations that should be used when the NPC is using while in labor.  Obviously, it's recommended that missionary poses be used.  And as it is a vocal system, animations should be those that do not cover oral sex lest it sound more like a blowjob.  NPCs, not creatures.  Creatures have their own animatics.


And sixth, the system now allows children to be borne afflicted with vampirism if one or more parents are vampires.  This complete with silvered eyes and gaunt face.  In fact, it is now compatible iwth the following vampire mods:

  1. LTD's Vampire Overhaul
  2. Nekhanimal's Awesome Vampire Mod
  3. Unholy Darkness
  4. Vampire Revolution


While it is still compatible and packaged with the Text Extension addon, it has not been tested with the other supplemental addons listed in the first post.



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The patch that conforms Lovers Hiyoko Shooter and  Lovers Slave Trader to appear and work more smoothly has been updated.


Because Lovers Hiyoko Shooter does detect LST, I did not need to add features to disable the initial Child control commands from Hiyoko Shooter.  However, this patch does address certain greetings and dialog in Lovers Slave Trader where the player's own children should not call their parent as Master or Mistress, instead calling them Mommy, Daddy or the like.  The dialog may be different than in the previous version of the patch, but this is still one of the base features.


What also needed to be returned was the INI configurable feature of the patch where the player may.... or may not.... be able to train, sell, or abandon your children.


Entertainingly, the patch is actually smaller than before.


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Honestly, I've had issues getting vampires to drink blood with Unholy Darkness in GENERAL!   One of my fav Vamp mods....  But needs more story...... Dang sexy Female Vampire Hunter...



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is Version D-2.3


What's new with this version is a series of Family Parentage Factions.  If a child is borne, it shares a faction between it and its mother and likewise shares one between it and its father. With these, children will have a higher disposition with its parents and visa versa.  Likewise, if the child has siblings, its brothers and sisters will share their factions and have a stronger disposition between each other.  This is an effort to reduce brawls that may break out sporadically.


Also new is a tiered 'Dangerous Factions' removal system. Controlled by the INI file, it is typically set to remove bandit-based factions from children which could cause issues and start fights. It can be disabled, but the settings can also be raised to include guards, evil groups, and even evil creatures.


And lastly, the children movement system has been replaced.  Ever since the original version which was a mere patch, children were controlled by a system based on the one within 'Lovers Hypnosis'. However, it has long been considered inadequate.  At last, the movement system has been replaced, and the system is based upon that within LoversSlaveTrader.  Along with that, you can now tell your child to Relax.  Of course, this still pertains only to your player's bloodline and cannot let you control some other NPC's children.

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Verily, now released...


to Version D-2.4


If you likes being able to command your kids, and tell them to follow you, now you can tell them to hang with Momma!  Yes, you can now  tell them to follow the OTHER parent now.  But only if it is your son or daughter and NOT a grandkid.  Also, it only works if the other parent is nearby.  You can TELL them to follow their mom or dad.  But if they aren't in the same cell, that won't work.

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Okay, we now have a new update, this time with Shooter being upgraded to version D-2.5 !


First, I took care of a bit of annoyance.  If you are both the mother and father of a child (by way of supplying both ovum and sperm or using a HiyokoClub Debug feature), you were able to tell the child to 'Go Find Daddy'  .... Yeah, that wouldn't work, right?  So I took care of the issue and made it impossible to have that dialog from appearing.


Second, there was an annoying error message spamming the Command Console.  It was related to the Child/Parentage targeting system when the target itself had no hiyokodata at all.  Annoying, but obviously repairable.

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Hope you have not added "hide daddy" so they can not find him. :classic_biggrin:


And what about a "daddy wants to hide" flag ?  For fathers who do not want to be found by their children or the mother because he fears that he will have to pay child support.

The flag adds a AI package "flee from Player or own children"  to the father.  :classic_wink:

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The drawback is that it only truly functions if the brat's dead-beat dad is relatively nearby.   


I won't do anything about that, but I do need to get it to only show the message if momma or pops is nearby.  At least it won't show if pops is dead, deleted or otherwise unavailable. Before you suggest checking the same cell as the player, it's giving me stupid headaches right now for some reason.


I blame Sheogorath. He never forgave me for not sharing that round of Gouda.  🧀

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A Repair Bump...



*QUACK!*    It appears that I needed to perform some repairs to the children-controlling dialog commands.  It pertained solely to children carrying the 'LST' enslaved flags, but a couple of conditions was improperly applied.


Fixed now of course.

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While the system appeared to work for me, apparently testing on the "First child borne into the world" and all that, the system which let you tell your child to follow the other parent was not truly functional.


The issue was not that I could not acquire the other parent.  Nor was it an issue with the actual combination of statements that applied and set the hiyoko child to find and follow its parent.  The issue itself related to a difference between the parent NPC you interact with in-game and the actor you can edit and tweak within the editor's Database.


Let's say you encounter a Female Redguard Bandit.  How many times have you faced the same one?  Five times?  Six?  There is only one exactly like her in the Database.  However, you can find her drawn here, there, and behind the grassy knoll.  In essence, the NPC you interact with in game are clones of their  so-called Base Object (or Database Object).


The same holds true for all other encounters, whether it be a wolf, Falanu Hlaalu of Skingrad, Jauffre, an annoying Mud Crab, Peggy Coolage from the Crowning Isles, or Dar-Ma's unique horse, Blossom. 


The thing is, the database object is not the character on the map.  And the child only knows its heritage based on the data from within the database, ie the base object of its parents.  So it was incorrect to try to make the child try to follow the parent from the database as it was not the one currently in Tamriel, Nirn, Oblivion or Mundus in general.  It needed to follow the Clone (or Reference object) drawn in-game.


Yeah, that was tricky.  I had to craft a system to look for all actors in a given cell,  But when I did the comparison of the 'CLONES' it detected, i had to tell the system to see if the clone's BASE object was the same as the child's Momma or Pop. Only THEN will it now perform the routine that tells the brat to follow the parent.


And boy, do they ever!!!!


Along with that, the Topics where you can tell the child to Follow Mommy or Follow Daddy only appears when they are in the cell!



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The function of the LST patch is to provide extra greetings for enslaved children such as "Hello Daddy Dearest", or to block certain actions like prostituting one's own children.  Unfortunately, I have not upgraded the LHS LST patch for a number of reasons.  Hopefully, I can adapt LHS to enough of a degree so the patch will no longer be needed.


With what I'm learning (and one is ALWAYS learning ;) ) I might be able to eventually throw away the LHS Text Extensions..... mebby.

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