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Skyrim 64 and sexlab/ skse

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Heads up, this topic is gonna be deleted in about a day when the site is upgraded, you might want to post it on new.loverslab.com (There's a big link in the message box at the top of the page).

But the mods will not run on the new version of Skyrim until someone makes a new script extender with the functions SKSE has grown to encompass.


Additionally, there is a script extender for FO4 by the same people hosted on the same site called F4SE, it just doesn't contain as many features as SKSE yet, which makes sense considering Skyrim is almost 5 years old now and FO4 isn't even one yet.


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this thread was not necessary!  :lol: 
just a little scrolling.  ;)  :P


Skyrim Remastered: But with Spears



amd rx 480 and Skyrim remastered



skyrim special edition , Modding news


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