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  1. One question DiD contain the possibility to the dragonborn to be captured. Have peril the same feature ?
  2. BLOOD & CHAINS Blood & Chains is a young EU, PVP, RP, ERP, 18+ server, with two admins that create events around conflicts. The Blood & Chains server is based on the lore of Conan Exiles game. You are all locked in his cursed lands, condemned to suffer eternally. Although violence is everywhere, some exiles unite to create a semblance of civilization, sometimes just, sometimes cruel, sometimes at war with its neighbors. Others know only blood, plunder and carnage, accumulating wealth or sacrificing their fellow creatures to unnamable gods. Thus ephemeral ki
  3. Hi, I have find why the game crash. It was a graphical option in the advanced setting (HBAO+). The game still crash with this option. After return to ssao, the game work. Strange... I have a GTX 1080 but maybe she don t support HBAO+. And yes then I talk about vanilla it s the game with no mod and no F4SE. But now it work I will use my mod organiser 2 and mod FO4. Thx for your reply.
  4. Hi, My F4 vanilla crash when I use "new game"... I don't understand why ? I have use lot of solutions like block internet connection but it still not working. Always crash when I use "new game". Anybody have had and solve this issus ?
  5. Interresting mod ^^ If we dream a few this mod could be have another feature in the future : a new conclusion for Sexlab Defeat. If you lose a battle ennemies could do the same on your PC. Rape, knockout, teleport in a random place when torture...
  6. Fine ! I have test in the zbftestzone and it is good except some device that switch in first person view . Two questions : 1) When a mod need zaz, can I use zaz 8 instead of 7 ? 2) what are the mods that used all zaz8 functionality ? For now I have see lot of mod that used DD but not zaz torture devices from the 8 version.
  7. I have resolve the problem with the creation of a xml that regroup all zaz items. In this file I have make 2 groups zazgroup and uunp special group to have preset . I m happy it's work. So thx for my user pic I like it too. It's a artist from deviant art.
  8. Mmmmm... strange, I have download your mod in your mega link given in the download section. So how can I add manually all elements ? I use mod organiser.
  9. Hi I have one problem with bodyslide and zaz 8.0+. When I try to resize body I don't have all items from zaz list. For exemple I don t see Shibari. I only see : - ZAZGSBDoggieBelt - ZAZ Legs Ropes - WaistRopeWithBreastrope02 - WaistRopeWithBreastrope01 - WaistRope02 - WaistRope01 But I see others items on the 7z files like Shibari, Straigtjacket and 4 others. Have I miss something ? I use "ZaZ Animation Pack+ UUNP HDT V.8.0+ (5).7z"
  10. Hi Are there a server that used Sexiles with french community/speaker (or accept someone with a few level in english notabily for RP) ?
  11. Hi, Is it possible to exclude some devices to equip with Cursed Loot ? I think about mittens for exemple. It's possible to never be equiped by this item ?
  12. Are there some action game like a TPS or FPS, in the adult game list with sexual content ?
  13. No it's a female nord. For my test I had wait (long time) the load of all animations. When I had try to launch the matchmaker sex spell other on a npc in Whiterun. But frizzle message. So I had test with the spell on my PC (self). It write "play <insert animation name> when I waiting for around 20 second . The animation is run but partially. She stop and restarts around 10 times before be full and play correctly until the end.
  14. Sex animation tested. It work a little. Matchmaker don't work with npc for me when I launch the spell I have a message about frizzle. The solo animation work but there are around 10 second between the spell launched and the animation and the animation is partial before it restarts 5 at 10 time before play at full.
  15. And violate ? It could be work ? I ask me about something. We have frostfall on Skyrim se with detection of frost area and the level of cold that our PC have. It could be possible to do the same for arousal? Detect how many time the PC are nude and appli modification and animation ?
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