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    I've been lowkey modding for a while, never anything big. Decided I wanted to code some adult content for Skyrim (and probably FO4 when that happens) so I came here and asked what people wanted.

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  1. Here's the responses to the many requests I've missed in the 6 months since I posted in this thread. As usual I've included all the requests. The itinerary is officially up to date barring a few additions from here, the progress percentages are more or less estimations and vary on a lot of reasons, but I think give a good idea on roughly where things are production wise.
  2. Howdy to anyone who reads this thread, I'm still around and making good headway on like... a lot of projects in development, which is a double edged sword really. On one hand being able to jump between different projects keeps me interested and from burning out and disappearing* but it also means that the progress is spread out so instead of mods rapidly iterating through development a bunch of small ones move along behind the scenes. Slowing down progress currently is the issue of me swapping my mod manager from MO to Vortex which is like, super nice for playing modded games but
  3. A mod that really took into account the reputation of the character, the more promiscuous the character but this would affect the way everyone would treat him, from the level with the level of promiscuity would be more susceptible to rape, slavery and all kinds of obnoxious actions, would not necessary to create animations, the mod could work with the animations that the player already installed and clear with the own sexlab. This would give way to many situations, it would be very interesting
  4. I'll look into it, there are a few other issues somewhere in that math I need to track down, I just haven't had a whole lot of time to dig through code for a hobby lately.
  5. Been a while huh? Depending on how thoroughly you track me you may have noticed a sudden upswing in my activity here (from the nothing it's been for a while) and depending on your general attitude this may have made you cautiously optimistic that [Insert whatever project of mine you're excited about here] may finally get released. And my hope is that you're right to be excited for that. I do enjoy modding and have wanted to get back to it but life has been weird for a while. I don't really care enough to go into it and it honestly doesn't really matter but suffice to say a lot of things went s
  6. @Code Serpent Lettin you and anyone else interested know the update is out, if it doesn't fix the issue you may need to uninstall, save (and maybe clean the file, never hurts), reinstall to flush any remnants of the old scripts out of your system.
  7. Alright I'm only... two-ish weeks late but I think I've figured out the problem, need to unfuck my Skyrim a little bit to test it and be sure I'm actually seeing that issue without the fix. Sorry about the wait, it's been weird.
  8. I don't intend to stop modding or at least maintaining any time soon, let alone leave defective products tied to my name. Thanks for the log excerpt, I'll look into it and get a patch out in the next day or two when I have time.
  9. Really? That's... strange. But I probably know what I messed up, I'll get a patch out ASAP. Though for the record my life would be much easier if you had attached the log in question.
  10. Hey, it's been a little while huh? Life's been... weird. But I'm still modding when I can and close to actual releases. You know the drill:
  11. I would just like to thank you for doing this if only because it jarred me into finally fixing that script myself and hopefully back into modding. Release will probably be in about an hour or two, I'm also optimizing a few calculations, this might result in slightly (and I do mean slightly) different results but should increase the speed.
  12. Well I figured out what the MCM issue is. Typo on my part has them both affecting the Sadism scale. Oops. I'll fix that in the next 24 hours. As for the Masochism building super fast hopefully being able to lower the scale will work, but it also does it's work kinda weird and indirectly because that's how SLA is set up so depending on how it's doing the math for that particular scenario it can build very quickly. If bandits get flagged as both they basically hit 100 immediately I've discovered. I'll also be including a more refined tracelogging setup in the bugfix so that if you do enabl
  13. Thank you! What's not working in the MCM though? I can take a look at the code in the next day or two and get a fix pushed out pretty fast with a bit more info.
  14. And I'm back, mostly. Couple of things in RL went to shit/are currently going to shit so I haven't had a bunch of time to mod lately but I am sooo close to being able to release a few things and move on to other projects. Now that you've got my update (which, let's be honest, most of you don't care about and just want to see if I'm agreeing to make your mod) I can move on to the replies.
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