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Summoning people to create a grand quest mod


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Hello everyone,



This idea came into my mind back in January. I’ve posted a short script and called people to organize a team to create this mod together. Although it was quite early to do something because there was no CK yet and in addition script’s quality wasn’t very good. However, couple of people agreed to help me. DaveTheAngryJew gave me a hand with script-writing especially with grammar issues. (as I’m not a native English speaker) And MorganRiggs who is still helping me.



My main goal is to create a qualitative quest that could be equal to a full DLC. I agree, it may sound quite arrogant and dreamily. But why not?



I’m not well-experienced and learning CK while working with it. That would take more than a year or two to do it on my own. So I want to summon more people to create smth like a condition of the “labor division”  If each person does his job that would increase productivity. Obviously, working with team is always better.



(I'm attaching my script. You can read it and see what this all about.) 



I’m open-minded. It does not mean that everything that in this script should be alike. We always can change it. Moreover, if any of you have ideas and want to create your own mod then we could combine them. I mean my idea is quite solid but it allows adding a side-quests or prolonging the story in any way.



Let’s talk about my idea itself. Basically, I wanted to extend Casino but as you can see there is also a possibility to aside with the communists because I thought as we are playing RPG there should be a choice. Although in near future I’d like to concentrate on the Casino idea as it sounds more interesting to me. Anyway, as I said earlier there are plenty of possibilities to extend this mod. We just need people.



Speaking of adult content, I don’t want to make a “porn quest”. Sex definitely will be part of this mod (because we are on the Loverslab) but it should be placed “logically”.



I haven’t done much but as for now static version of the casino interior is in particular ready except for the main parts such as game of chances (and this is like the main problem I have right now. I don’t understand how to create those games)

 (I will attach screenshots of the casino) 



Long story short, if you liked the idea or you have ideas that could be combined with this story then you are always welcome. If you have any questions then answer them freely. Also if you just want to help us, be part of this team then again you are more than welcome. Just contact me here on the loverslab and I’ll add you in our chat.






Main hall: On the right side, there is a security room:; on the left a bank.

1st floor is going to be a gambling place. Also includes doors to the Brothel and Fighting Club. (These definitely will be extended with side-quests later)

2nd floor includes restaurant and stage.

And the last screenshot is an AG’s office.








Welcome to Foxwood.docx

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I agree !


Do you have the creation kit ? I can't download it for now from bethesda (I'm still hesitate to buy the game, I will test it sunday, if it's raining).

But, at least, I could explore the CK and try to create objects and NPC (i thnk the system for NPCs is quite different from skyrim).

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I think you already got most of the good ideas mentioned as you suspected. What is, as pertain to this quest idea, the "possibility to aside with the communists?" That sounds like fun. Not sure why you'd say "a porn quest," if you looked around, you'd see no one made that here or anywhere, nature of the depth of RPG's immersion, I would supposed.

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