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  1. LeFlemard

    SSE Conversion Tracking (Aug 14 #1728)

    check the first post of this thread, there is a section in it about hdt and a tutorial to edit meshs in it.
  2. I use the non light version of the framework, the one you can see in beta in oldrim sexlab framework section...
  3. I only have Sexlab Separate Orgasm overwriting that file (and I don't see any other sexlab files being overwritten), gonna test without slso uninstalled to see...
  4. Run into a bit of an issue with SLEN: It ctd on masturbate commande after the remove clothes animations and with this tidbit in the log (if it does anything to help) [08/16/2018 - 04:25:09AM] ERROR: Method HookAnimationPrepare not found on sslthreadcontroller. Aborting call and returning None stack: [SexLabThread00 (10061EEF)].sslthreadcontroller.FireAction() - "sslThreadController.psc" Line 37 [SexLabThread00 (10061EEF)].sslthreadcontroller.Action() - "sslThreadModel.psc" Line 1164 [SexLabThread00 (10061EEF)].sslthreadcontroller.StartThread() - "sslThreadModel.psc" Line ? [SexLabQuestFramework (10000D62)].sexlabframework.StartSex() - "SexLabFramework.psc" Line 3022 <unknown self>.slenutility.MakeSoloSex() - "slenutility.psc" Line 90 [Active effect 17 on (00000014)].SLENMasturbateMgefScript.OnEffectStart() - "slenmasturbatemgefscript.psc" Line 6
  5. Update: now working again! Dunno really why tho, but removing animations permitted me to reuse cursed loot! (I had run beforehand my 40mn of gameplay, I dunno why suddenly SE decided it had too much anims)
  6. Can confirm, no ctd upon choosing female gender in racemenu while having your latest version installed.
  7. mmm, I have run upon a bit of a problem: Having achieved a stable modlist, I played for 40mn before.... ctd Since then, after restarting skyrim, reloading or creating a new game caused ctd Removing cursed loot IMMEDIATELY achieved for no ctd to occur. I have also removed the mods containing the esp before removing cursed loot if that's any help whatsoever: AHZmoreHUD.esp BikiniAscendVolume1.esp LADX_SSE.esp mslDeviousCaptures.esp TheAmazingWorldOfBikiniArmor.esp yps-ImmersivePiercing.esp (nota tried for each one before, those are not the ones which caused the ctd, will report if enabling those mods without cursed loot cause ctd too for verificatiion) Ah, and I forgot, disabling cursed loot esps (core and LAL esps) didn't fix ctd issue, only when I deactivated cursed loot entire mod did it work again. edit: readded the above esp and it still works, cursed loot is the only one causing ctd ;_;
  8. LeFlemard

    SSE Conversion Tracking (Aug 14 #1728)

    yes, but not here, frown upon by everyone and is sanctionnable
  9. CTD upon choosing female in race menu with your mods loaded ;_; 0 0 Skyrim.esm 1 1 Update.esm 2 2 Dawnguard.esm 3 3 HearthFires.esm 4 4 Dragonborn.esm 5 5 BadDogSchlongCore.esm 6 6 Schlongs of Skyrim - Core.esm RaceMenuMorphsUUNP.esp 7 7 MMGSchlong.esp 8 8 BDHoodieSchlong.esp 9 9 BDHoodieFemale.esp 10 a Schlongs of Skyrim.esp 11 b SkyUI_SE.esp 12 c XPMSE.esp 13 d SOSRaceMenu.esp 14 e Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp Using CBBE body, if you have any ideas why, I will be very happy to use your mod like I did in Oldrim.
  10. LeFlemard

    SSE Conversion Tracking (Aug 14 #1728)

    It's a dll plugin, so unless you have the source code and the know how, (or are particularly adept at recreating code), we need to wait for the original author sadly (last we heard of him was when joy of perspective came out, no news and no debugging of this one since then)
  11. LeFlemard

    SSE Conversion Tracking (Aug 14 #1728)

    oh, black face bug, well fixing takes a bit of times, follow the instructions shown there: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/10522/?tab=description (and load all immersive wenches related plugins, even hair ones) for tkka, no ideas.
  12. LeFlemard

    SSE Conversion Tracking (Aug 14 #1728)

    nah, just have an old modload that I tried to add other mods to it (which relied on newer version of mods that I have), just takes a long time to update every things
  13. LeFlemard

    SSE Conversion Tracking (Aug 14 #1728)

    Thanks, when I figure out why I'm ctding currently, I'll test it thoroughly ingame :3
  14. LeFlemard

    SSE Conversion Tracking (Aug 14 #1728)

    Could someone check if YPS Fashion could be converted easily since we have now slavetats? (I'm trying to figure a ctd on my game so can't do) (Yes, I know we don't have overlay for face still, was just wondering).
  15. I did, tried without those, still crashed... I guess there's only one method left: disable and try each of my installed mods (it will take a lot of time tho) I'll report here if I find what's the cause.