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Skyrim UI Widget (status bar) modding - without flash??

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Hey all,


So I was hoping to create a very "simple" mod that would add a status bar widget to the top of the screen that would show me my SexLab Aroused arousal level, so I wouldn't have to keep spamming the "N" key to get it all the time.  By status bar I mean something like the health, magica, and stamina bars you periodically see show up as those values change.


Unfortunately, my google searches came up with tutorials that seem to indicate that I have to learn Adobe flash/actionscript programming in order to accomplish this task!  Ugh, I really don't want to have to learn flash programming at this late of a stage just to make one simple widget.  :(


So before totally giving up on this, I thought I'd ask if anyone knows of a mod/resource that "simplifies" the creation of UI elements like the status bar?  SkyUI's API seems to only expose MCM creation, and the only other one I know of, UI Extensions, only lets you create/invoke menus.


Can anybody help out here?

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