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Why is The Modding Nexus filled with ASSHOLES?!

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I uploaded a mod, and was mocked for making it, then mocked for not taking the time out of my life to take and add screenshots WHEN THE MOD DOESN'T ALTER ANYTHING IN-GAME YOU'D BE ABLE TO TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF, then this one cunt starts commenting on all my mods with stuff like "Why do you assume people care about you?" and other such trash. I reported the guy, but since the cunt's a Supporter, while I'm too poor to afford fucking decent meals most days, I doubt anything will come of it.

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Supporter status does not protect anyone from being banned for being an ass. But yes, people are often assholes there, and they're usually dealt with accordingly. In the meantime, you can block the person from commenting on your files and from sending you PMs.

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Here the percentage of assholes is way better.

But, please, avoid direct attacks or rants.


And, if you like, put your posts in the "Rant thread".


Keep in mind that a post like that becomes quickly unmanageable and will be closed.



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Guest endgameaddiction

Nexus caters to a more stereotype crowd. Throughout the last few years I've seen them make their way here. Though, I have no pity for anyone who uploads adult related mods on Nexus and people start to say stupid things. That's been Nexus for over a decade and it never changes. People don't like something and have the audacity to come out and give their worthless opinion on it. Vector Plexus did the right thing pulling down SOS from Nexus. It made its way to a better home, to LL thanks to b3lesario for getting permission. Without a doubt those other adult mods would have a much better home here.

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Trolls are everywhere it is best to get use to them now and strengthen your skin against them so that they no longer bother you as much. The good things on the nexus though is that you can troll stomp anyone of them into oblivion with your block option which when used will block said troll from all of your mods on the nexus problem solved.

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Like society, the internet world if filled with idiots and assholes. More so in the cyber world because people can do or say whatever they want without consequence most of the time. Best advice I can give like previous posts have said is to just ignore the douche bags. If you get angry at them you only feed them to bug you more.

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