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[Bug] TDF Prostitution and Pimping/Defeat Prostitutes won't start dialogue


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So I'm having a problem with TDF Prostitution and pimping where, after a prostitutes first job, they won't start a dialogue with me. Everything was normal in the beginning, I asked Lydia to follow me, then asked her to make us some money. Then I found her a client, but after she was done things went wrong.


My character (who was not part of the scene) dropped to her knees, and the defeat struggle bar appeared. Not sure why, so I just resisted and got back up, as there were no aggressors. Then I went over and tried to click "E" to talk to Lydia. Her lips started moving, but no dialogue box opened, and the subtitles read "...." 


I'm running all the latest versions of these mods, and I have all the requirements as well as many of the recommended mods. Does anyone know how to fix this? 


Edit: It also won't let me talk to the other npc who participated in the scene. 

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