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Help with camera

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When I play my modded games I tend to have my character to be gangbanged, but the annoying part is that the camera would keep switching in and out of free camera mode (and switching back would put the camera at a bad angle). Is there a way to keep it in free camera mode forever (or at least until I manually switch back)?

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Do you use a camera Mod ? If yes, have you set the right Lovers settings ? ( think default settings are without camera Mod )

With LAPF you should use "Enhanced First Person Camera"

Also in the Lovers ini are camera settings.


Or a Load order problem.


So tell us if and which camera Mod you use.

And post your load order.

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I don't use a camera mod.


load order:


TamagoClub 01

BreakUndies 02

Lovers with PK.esm 03

LoversCreatures.esm 04

HiyokoClub 05

DLCShiveringIsles 06

Knights 07

LoversSoundCreature 08

LoversRaperS 09

Lovers with PK.esp 0A

LoversCreatures.esp 0B

LoversAnimPriority 0C

LoversAnimObjectPriority 0D

LoversMB2 0E

LoversTamagoClub 0F

HiyokoGeneratorBroodMother 10

HiyokoGenetics 11

kuerteeClean Up 12

TamagoTopic 13

TamagoSetBody 14

TamagoFertilityClinic 15

HiyokoUtilitySpells 16

All NPC Nude and Naked 17

Oblivion_Characer_overhaul 18

LoversBitch 19

LoversSlaveTrader 1A

LoversJoburg 1B

khajiittextfix 1C

MadCompanionshipSpells 1D

MCS extension 1E

HiyokoFutureDream 1F

BudongsNarcolepsySpell 20

SetBody 21

LoversJoystick 22

LoversJoburg NoDelay Addon 23

JustLetItHappen 24

hggf_hiyokoClub_fix 25

Werewolf-Legends 26

SkipTutorialv3 27

TutOptionedStart 28

PlayerSlaveEncounters 29

PSELoversBitchPatch 2A

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The game runs much better,Thanks!


But the camera switches.  I understand that it's the normal function for the sex mods. maybe what I was wanted was the mods not to do anything to the camera. so I can keep it in a permanent flying camera instead of having to move the camera everytime after it switches back to 3rd person view and snap back to behind the player. 

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