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  1. WolfieKnot

    Problem with generated AIs

    Sorry to waste your time, the problem had resolved itself after a year of troubleshooting, they are now fucking more often. Might report back if anything unusual pop up.
  2. I've been playing the Steam version of Oblivion and the children mods that I use for the game (the typical Tamago and Hiyoko stuff) and the children are often unable to engage in sex even after they are fully grown. Note that I said most there are some that can have sex but they are few and far between which makes it hard to do one of my favorite thing: an ever-growing incestial orgy that make my computer cry and plot my death. here's my load order: 0 0 Oblivion.esm 1 1 Lovers with PK.esm 2 2 TamagoClub.esm 3 3 HiyokoClub.esm 4 4 LoversCreature.esm 5 5 DLCShiveringIsles.esp 6 6 MaleBodyReplacerV4.esp 7 7 Knights.esp 8 8 TamagoNews.esp 9 9 LoversTamagoClub.esp 10 a HiyokoGenerator.esp 11 b HiyokoGeneratorBroodMother.esp 12 c TamagoSetBody.esp LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP.esp LoversVoiceSSPplus.esp 13 d LoversRaperS.esp 14 e LoversJoburg.esp 15 f LoversJoburg NoDelay Addon.esp 16 10 LoversBed.esp 17 11 HiyokoFutureDream.esp 18 12 LoversPayBandit.esp 19 13 Lovers with PK.esp 20 14 LoversBitch.esp 21 15 LoversCreature.esp LoversBackup2.esp 22 16 LoversEscapeRapeVPlayer.esp 23 17 LoversRapeSlave.esp 24 18 LoversMB2.esp 25 19 LoversLight.esp 26 1a PlayerSlaveEncounters.esp 27 1b PSE-PayBandit-Patch.esp 28 1c Werewolf-Legends.esp 29 1d SkipTutorialv3.esp 30 1e TutOptionedStart.esp 31 1f MadCompanionshipSpells.esp 32 20 MCS extension.esp 33 21 SetBody.esp 34 22 LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp 35 23 LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp 36 24 JustLetItHappen.esp 37 25 PSELoversBitchPatch.esp 38 26 SetEssentialActors.esp
  3. WolfieKnot

    Help with camera

    The game runs much better,Thanks! But the camera switches. I understand that it's the normal function for the sex mods. maybe what I was wanted was the mods not to do anything to the camera. so I can keep it in a permanent flying camera instead of having to move the camera everytime after it switches back to 3rd person view and snap back to behind the player.
  4. WolfieKnot

    Help with camera

    I don't use a camera mod. load order: TamagoClub 01 BreakUndies 02 Lovers with PK.esm 03 LoversCreatures.esm 04 HiyokoClub 05 DLCShiveringIsles 06 Knights 07 LoversSoundCreature 08 LoversRaperS 09 Lovers with PK.esp 0A LoversCreatures.esp 0B LoversAnimPriority 0C LoversAnimObjectPriority 0D LoversMB2 0E LoversTamagoClub 0F HiyokoGeneratorBroodMother 10 HiyokoGenetics 11 kuerteeClean Up 12 TamagoTopic 13 TamagoSetBody 14 TamagoFertilityClinic 15 HiyokoUtilitySpells 16 All NPC Nude and Naked 17 Oblivion_Characer_overhaul 18 LoversBitch 19 LoversSlaveTrader 1A LoversJoburg 1B khajiittextfix 1C MadCompanionshipSpells 1D MCS extension 1E HiyokoFutureDream 1F BudongsNarcolepsySpell 20 SetBody 21 LoversJoystick 22 LoversJoburg NoDelay Addon 23 JustLetItHappen 24 hggf_hiyokoClub_fix 25 Werewolf-Legends 26 SkipTutorialv3 27 TutOptionedStart 28 PlayerSlaveEncounters 29 PSELoversBitchPatch 2A
  5. When I play my modded games I tend to have my character to be gangbanged, but the annoying part is that the camera would keep switching in and out of free camera mode (and switching back would put the camera at a bad angle). Is there a way to keep it in free camera mode forever (or at least until I manually switch back)?
  6. I can't get the bandits in bed (rough streets) to trigger. I tried changing the capture during sleep and I also slept at different outdoors places. help?
  7. WolfieKnot

    Lovers Bitch Gone Wild Help

    It works! thank you!
  8. WolfieKnot

    Lovers Bitch Gone Wild Help

    Excuse me, I was wondering if there's a way to get my character to drop to all four due to high lust every few seconds or something. I assumed that the dog's lust influenced your lust so I set the city collie's lust gain token to 2400. Or is there a console command that changes how quickly my character gain lust?
  9. Thanks I'm going to try this out. Will report back if it works. got it to work, now to find where gender is made. Well I changed one thing in TamagoClub and now it's not working, it was let d->Sex := Rand 0 100 < 50 to let d->Sex := Rand 0 100 < 0 and I also saved every script in the plugin to be sure.
  10. I tried to modify a generator to produce male only children but I couldn't make head or tail of this and it wan't save ether, may I ask you if you can make a generator that does that? Not MBP or racex117 dependent
  11. WolfieKnot

    [looking] Damaging sex

    thanks, I looked into that and it'll do for now. right now I'm trying to get my Tamago to force all the to be children to be male and hoping to find a way to get them to be born with 0 disposition toward me. I think I may have found a way, but I cannot save that script it keep saying that it cannot find array_var in line 4. (hiyoko) nevermind, still can't save, but that not it.I posted a request in the forum of the user that had made a female only generator, I was thinking that s/he could make the male-only one.
  12. Out of curiosity, is there a way to make your children be born with 0 disposition toward you?
  13. WolfieKnot

    [looking] Damaging sex

    I been trying to find a mod that would give a set amount of damage (health or stamina) when the player or npc has too much sex in a short period of time. I think there's on in Skyrim that does that
  14. WolfieKnot

    General Discussion

    Thank you so much! The scream and moans are what I was referring to as voices.